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Comment Re:So let's change the algorithm. (Score 2, Insightful) 170

Correct: the attack here is:

Take big Site with thousands of user, many using thier (sorta) "real names".
Permute these names with some known big email provider hostnames.
Send them all some spam.

It does not really matter if 90% of those emailadresses are incorrect, the rest will hit.

I would not do the MD5 validation thing, why should I?

Comment Re:Get a Mac (Score 1) 932

That's exactly the way I did it, I stopped sopprting windows for _any one_ in 2002. It was way better afterwards.
Questions about windwows only get a "yeah that sure sucks when it happens, doesn't it....." answer.

My wife,her mom and my sister all switched to ubuntu (allthough in 2006), I spezificaly told them only to use software installed with sysnaptic. "You don't want anything else"

Works very good.

Comment Re:I think that (Score 1) 684

I don't care about what people think when they see me connecting my iPhone to my Mac Book Air.
(Yes, I have more money then I can spend until the end of the month, sowhat?)
Back on topic: I upgraded to 3.1 but tethering is still enabled.
I did enable it on OS 3.0 by downloading a profile here:

It just works (tm)

Comment Re:Do we have to bring this up over and over again (Score 1) 611

Pfff, a full backup of my fotolibrary (17Gig) to my rackserver takes about 2-3 Days,
incrementals are done in minutes, or 2 Hours max (daily increments)
Hardly time to get to old, but good for me, for not getting to much gray hair.

DSL with good upload rates are not really expensive here in germany.

"Luke, I'm yer father, eh. Come over to the dark side, you hoser." -- Dave Thomas, "Strange Brew"