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Comment: Here is a simple solution (Score 1) 175 175

I've been an amateur radio operator since 1990. To get a license to operate, I had to pass a test. I also fly RC airplanes. I did a lot of reading, basics of flight, and had a person at an RC club "teach" me to fly, how to operate it properly and safely. These people buying these quadcopters, usually have NO IDEA what they are doing. Simply take it out of the box, charge the battery, turn it on and PRESTO! I'm a pilot! BUZZZZZZZZZZZ it doesn't work that way Einstein. These clowns have no idea that most consumer grade quadcopters can seriously injure or KILL YOU. Those blade are like a saw blade! They don't know the first thing about the difference in controlling one flying away from you, versus towards you, have no idea what wind speed can do to an airfoil, crosswind adjustments that need to be made to keep your bird trim, flying in a headwind versus a tail wind, not to mention where to and not to fly! Perhaps an "amateur quad RC" license might be needed. These idiots are going to spoil the RC hobby, because they don't have brain one when it comes to operating these potentially dangerous RC flying quadcopters.

Comment: student housing (Score 1) 939 939

I'm sure this happens in a lot of "university towns". Near campus here, the "slumlords" that would rent 4-5 or more 3-4 bedroom houses, near campus, let them run down to the point they go to the city council, cry about it being a blighted area, ask for permission to tear them all down, request a tax waiver for 10-20 years to build "luxury" student housing. Well, the city goes along with it, and now we have so many student housing condo/apartments or whatever you call them within a few blocks of the campus, it's just mind blowing. And they are outfitted with gyms, pools, saunas, movie theaters, free tv/internet. The apartments are fully furnished, huge flatscreen TV's etc. They rent by the bed, 500,600, or more PER BED. This is in a smaller city, 150,000 population, 20k students. Of course with all these that popped up within the last 5 years, the city isn't really getting any tax money on the property, because of the abatement waivers. So they suck up the resources, electricity, water, (yeah, figured into the rent), infrastructure wear and tear, but the city isn't getting any money, so what does the city do? Beg and beg for sales or property tax increases. The builder got their money, sold it to a property management company most likely not local, so the money paid by the kids parents doesn't stay in the city. When the waivers run out, they will probably try to offload them onto a local developer. They got their piece of pie. It just amazes me that parents are willing to spend that amount of money on their kids to live in a place like that, when they can live in a dorm for a heck of a lot less.

Comment: Why not? It's free (Score 1) 283 283

More free crap thanks to our over generous welfare system. Free food, free health care (not), free cell phones, free cable, free housing. Instead of making lazy ass people get up off their asses and work, we just let them sit on their butts, playing video games, smoking/selling drugs, having more babies so they can get even more money. Time to cut off the freeloaders and make them work for some of this free crap. If you aren't physically, medically, or mentally handicapped, there should be some kind of work that you should be required to do, to get the "free" stuff. Taxpayers are tired of funding your lazy asses.

Comment: Never fly (Score 0) 273 273

Another in a long list of reasons I don't fly. TSA, invasion of privacy, strip searches, terrible service, loaded on like a heard of cattle, no leg room, charges for everything under the sun,'s just easier to drive. I have no reason to travel overseas, would never leave America. If I want to see something overseas, I just look it up. I'd rather travel in the USA. Don't have to deal with the language problem, social problem, anti-American problem.

Comment: Typical NYC hipster type (Score 1) 1032 1032

It's not my fault, I'm not paying it, let someone else pay for it. Hey and your parent(s) signed on the dotted line. You want to screw your credit history, financial life up? That's YOUR business, because you are IRRESPONSIBLE. You are one of these idiots that think you are OWED something. Hundreds of thousands of people, have gone to college without loans, but, thanks to "big college" you have to give your life over to the devil to pay for an education. How come we say screw big oil, big farm, big pharma, but we never have a conversation about "big college"? Some college presidents, sports coaches & professors are making 6 & 7 figure salaries, but that's ok? Some people are just not cut out for college in the first place. Take a 2 year trade school and you'll be better off. How many people coming out of a 4 year school with underwater basketweaving, ancient religion languages do we need in this world? I went to a 2 year electronics school, got an associates degree almost 40 years ago. Never once have I been unemployed in my chosen field. What will probably happen, and what government probably wants to happen is enough idiot irresponsible kids default on their loans the government will screw investors, bankers and pretty much everyone that has a bank account and just say oh well, so sorry, just suck on it!

Comment: If you have an (D) or (R) after your name (Score 1) 510 510

Don't get me wrong, if Hastert did something that violates the law, then he should be appropriately punished. The thing that bothers me is it should not be ANYONE's business how much money I put into, or out of my personal bank account! Period! The other thing is, selective prosecution. How come some of the shady dealings that Bill & Hillary, are not treated with the same level of prosecution, that someone with an (R) by there name receives.

Comment: 40 years ago (Score 3, Insightful) 391 391

When I was in high school, small town...4,000 population, middle of the country. If you saw a pickup truck in the school parking lot, including teachers, 99% of the time, there would be 1 or two guns in a gun rack, on the rear window. One being a shotgun the other being a rifle. Also, if it was hot outside, the windows would be down, if it was raining, the doors wouldn't be locked. Guys ran around with a skoal can in the hip pocket & a buck knife on their belt. Not one incident of "gun related crimes" EVER happened in schools. You had a beef with someone, you took it across the street AFTER school, duked it out for a while, declared someone the winner, someone the loser. Few days later you'd be hanging out in town having a beer with the same guy. Try that now, they'd toss you in jail and throw away the key. So, that begs the question...WHAT has changed? Perhaps single parent families, everyone living in a sub division with privacy fences, who have no idea who their neighbors are, schools/federal government removing any mention of God from every day life, the increase of violent video games, children growing up with a lack of respect for their elders, or anyone else. SOMETHING has changed since the days I attended high school in the 70's, and NOT for the better.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?