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Comment: Old televisions (Score 0) 111

by p51d007 (#48391065) Attached to: An Applied Investigation Into Graphics Card Coil Whine
Sure is a lot different these days. Back in my youth, in the mid 70's, I worked in a television repair shop. We'd get tv's in that the "women of the house" could hear the flyback transformer whine. Usually around 15k in frequency. Sometimes I could hear it, sometimes I couldn't. Only thing you could do back then was to swap out horizontal output or horizontal oscillator tubes, hoping to get one that was just right, so the person couldn't hear the whine.

Comment: Market speculation, OPEC pricing (Score 0) 334

by p51d007 (#48340689) Attached to: Americans Rejoice At Lower Gas Prices
It's simple math. The price spiked up and stayed high a few years ago, when has lead to the boom of (USA) domestic oil production in the Dakota area, and more oil available on the market, caused the price to drop, and exports from OPEC to drop. OPEC, wanting to sell more oil, lowers the price, pumps more, and floods the market with even more oil. This causes the speculators to drop the price on the open market. With the price lower, drilling for oil becomes cheaper, less return on a barrel of oil, versus the cost to extract & refine it, making domestic companies, investors stop or reduce drilling because of little or no return on that investment. You just can't stick a pipe in the ground to drill for oil in the USA anyway. You must get 3,103 different legal things sorted out, EPA, environmental impact, the hardware & people required to extract it, shipping it etc. So, once the domestic drilling slows or stops, and the "glut" of oil evaporates, then OPEC slows delivery of oil on the international stage, and BOOM! The price skyrockets again. By the time the domestic production ramps up again, it will be months if not years, thereby insuring a huge windfall for OPEC. Alternatives are ok, but, nothing will stop the use of petroleum products. A lot of anti-oil people forget, there are a LOT of medical discoveries, and cures available today, if not for the petro-chemical industry.

Comment: the climate change boogie man (Score 0) 228

by p51d007 (#48136807) Attached to: Pentagon Unveils Plan For Military's Response To Climate Change
Climate change is just another attempt to dissolve nations, cause the industrialized ones to give money to the U.N. (useless nations) Climate change is called SEASONS for most INTELLIGENT people. The SUN controls our climate, not man, but, the "scientist" and pinheads in academia who couldn't hold a job in private industry, so they just "teach" (those than can do, those that can't, teach) only know what is in a book, and most of them are non believers in God, so they just spout their garbage.

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