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Comment Good! (Score 1) 446 446

If you were STUPID enough, to give a "cheaters" website your REAL name, REAL address, REAL bank information, REAL personal information, then you deserve to be hacked and exposed as the lying cheating SOB that you really are, regardless if you are a man or woman, or other.

Comment Depends (Score 1) 319 319

I do a lot of work on office machines, computers, scanning equipment, high end printers. 30 years ago, you never had software problems, it was all hardware problems. Relay units, switches, cams,, there are times I don't even get my screwdriver out of my toolbag. Everything is dependent on the operating system. I'm not one to rush right out and update the software in my machines. I'll let them go a week or two, unless a specific update corrects a problem a customer is currently having. I go by the old line, "just because its new, doesn't make it better, it just means it's new". Sometimes updates break other things, so I'll wait and let someone else be the guinea pig.

Comment Trump (Score 1) 265 265

It will be Hillary's fault. Sadly, she will be the next president. Bush will get the nomination. Trump will throw a fit, saying it isn't fair, he was robbed. He will form a 3rd party and run as an independent. This will pull a substantial number of Republican votes from Bush (Ross Perot all over again) This will allow Hillary to win. Anyone that thinks Trump is a Republican, is drinking or smoking some weird stuff! Trump has supported Hillary a lot, and funneled money to her NY State campaign, plus they are good friends. Trump wants to continue to be on tv, radio, newspapers, plus, he would have to put all his holdings and the like in a blind trust. You think he is going to give up the limelight and the money, by becoming president? He's in this to make sure Bush gets the nod, then do the Ross Perot thing to ensure a Hillary victory.

Comment I still use one! (Score 1) 184 184

Since before the days of the "motorola brick", I've used belt clips. As an amateur radio operator, I've carried walkie-talkies on my belt for years. I also volunteered as a 911-dispatcher for the sheriff's office and carried a VHF or UHF radio at times. Then when the "brick" came out, you pretty much had to carry it, if you wanted your hands free. Every cell phone I've used, I've used a belt clip. When I got my first smartphone (dell streak5) I carried it on my belt, same for the galaxy note1, and my current Huawei Mate2. It's just as natural for me, as it is for others to stuff them in their pants, or hold them in their hands. Since I use bluetooth for all my devices, I don't have to pull it out to see who is calling either.

Comment Doesn't work in the USA (Score 1) 654 654

Our country is too spread out. In urban places like NYC, Los Angeles, works, but out here in fly over country, it does not. Plus, my boss buys my car to do service work, but allows us to drive them home, since some of us live 15-30 miles from the office and when we have a service call, we can leave from home instead of driving to the office, pick up the vehicle, then drive all the way back.

Comment My government (Score 2) 139 139

Has changed me from a Conservative (not to be confused with Republican) to more and more each day to a Constitutional Libertarian. I've gotten to the point in my life (mid 50's) that I see myself more as a libertarian, than anything else. I do not trust government. I believe governments sole purpose, as written in the constitution, is to provide for the defense of our nation, promote general welfare. THAT'S IT! The rest, should be left to each state. Government now, wants to be our mommy & daddy for flipping everything, taking more and more responsibility for our lives, along with more and more of our money. It's about to the point where I should just have my paycheck direct deposited at the Treasury department, and hope they send ME back enough money to survive, along with a thank you card to them for being so nice.

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