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Comment: Universal Translator? (Score 0) 150

by p51d007 (#48606527) Attached to: Want To Influence the World? Map Reveals the Best Languages To Speak
I live in the USA, so obviously, I speak English, but with the baby steps taken by web translation & computer software, and apps that can now somewhat translate in real time, I would guess in just a few short years, perhaps less than a decade, this might be a moot point as we'll have something similar to a "universal translator" ie: star trek style.

Comment: What memories (Score 0) 14

by p51d007 (#48589053) Attached to: Tour the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum - Part Two (Video)
Started screwing around with electronics in 6th grade, in 1972 when my teacher brought a crystal radio to school. Went to Radio Shack and bought my first P-Box kit and I think I spent every spare dollar there buying more and more kits to play around with. Went to the library, checked out some books on ohms law, taught myself a bunch of stuff. In my teens, I think my parents thought I was going to blow up the house. I installed 8 track tape decks, car stereos all the time, fixed radios, televisions. Got a job in a television shop when I was 15, worked there through getting a electronics degree, went to work for Texas Instruments for a year, but hated Houston Texas. Built my first computer in the late 80's, got my ham "ticket"...still in the electronics/computer business for the last 34 years. All because a TEACHER, brought a tiny crystal radio to school, and I wanted to know why it worked "without batteries". It's interesting...a couple years ago, that same teacher showed up on Facebook, and I sent him a message telling him thank you...had it not been for him, who knows where or what I would be doing today. He said that was the best compliment he had ever received.

Comment: I can see it now (Score 0) 262

by p51d007 (#48503371) Attached to: Obama Offers Funding For 50,000 Police Body Cameras
Instead of the internet sites "teenage sexy webcams LIVE" There will be "best of" police body cam sites....geez... What it should be, is a 30-60 minute loop. It should work similar to an airplane cockpit voice recorder. Continuously record the last 60 minutes. If something happens, simply have the shift supervisor shut it off. Yeah not perfect, but something like that. You know good and well, if it is SAVED, and something "goes to trial" or something the news media will chop, splice it to fit their agenda, as well as the police, for their agenda.

Comment: Impaired is impaired (Score 0) 342

by p51d007 (#48494923) Attached to: Breath Test For Pot Being Developed At WSU
Be it alcohol, legal drugs, illegal drugs, lack of sleep...the term is driving while intoxicated/impaired, or in the case of distracted driving, sleepy driving it's called careless & imprudent. I don't want ANYONE intoxicated/impaired on the road. Once the medical & legal venues sort this out, as they did with alcohol intoxication, one for marijuana can be developed. I don't care if you snort, shoot up, smoke, drink or whatever, but, TAKE A CAB or stay at home.

Comment: Old televisions (Score 0) 111

by p51d007 (#48391065) Attached to: An Applied Investigation Into Graphics Card Coil Whine
Sure is a lot different these days. Back in my youth, in the mid 70's, I worked in a television repair shop. We'd get tv's in that the "women of the house" could hear the flyback transformer whine. Usually around 15k in frequency. Sometimes I could hear it, sometimes I couldn't. Only thing you could do back then was to swap out horizontal output or horizontal oscillator tubes, hoping to get one that was just right, so the person couldn't hear the whine.

Comment: Market speculation, OPEC pricing (Score 0) 334

by p51d007 (#48340689) Attached to: Americans Rejoice At Lower Gas Prices
It's simple math. The price spiked up and stayed high a few years ago, when has lead to the boom of (USA) domestic oil production in the Dakota area, and more oil available on the market, caused the price to drop, and exports from OPEC to drop. OPEC, wanting to sell more oil, lowers the price, pumps more, and floods the market with even more oil. This causes the speculators to drop the price on the open market. With the price lower, drilling for oil becomes cheaper, less return on a barrel of oil, versus the cost to extract & refine it, making domestic companies, investors stop or reduce drilling because of little or no return on that investment. You just can't stick a pipe in the ground to drill for oil in the USA anyway. You must get 3,103 different legal things sorted out, EPA, environmental impact, the hardware & people required to extract it, shipping it etc. So, once the domestic drilling slows or stops, and the "glut" of oil evaporates, then OPEC slows delivery of oil on the international stage, and BOOM! The price skyrockets again. By the time the domestic production ramps up again, it will be months if not years, thereby insuring a huge windfall for OPEC. Alternatives are ok, but, nothing will stop the use of petroleum products. A lot of anti-oil people forget, there are a LOT of medical discoveries, and cures available today, if not for the petro-chemical industry.

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