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Comment: just about pointless (Score 1) 142

by p1ckk (#32613004) Attached to: Ranking Soccer Players By Following the Bouncing Ball
for anyone but midfielders. Defenders, and forwards performance cannot be judged solely on their passing and if that results in a goal. e.g. Filipo Inzaghi, he stands offside for 85 minutes, barely in the game only makes a couple of passes that may or may not find their target but as soon as there is a loose ball in the box he is there to put it in the net. a defender marks a striker out of the game, hardly touches the ball because the opposition could never pass it to the player he was marking, defender has had a brilliant game, but this will say he has been average because he only made a few passes and none led to a shot.

+ - Google's Pac-man ate 4,819,352 man hours->

Submitted by p1ckk
p1ckk writes: Last Friday, Google changed its logo on the search page into a playable pac-man game to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic game.

Now, an outfit called RescueTimehas done a bit of analysis of the happening and decided that the cost of Google users noodling about on Pac-man rather than doing proper work was a staggering $120,483,800.

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Comment: If you're keen on RF stuff (Score 1) 301

by p1ckk (#31826212) Attached to: Where To Start In DIY Electronics?
Then I would suggest getting a breadboard and starting to build some oscillators, LEDs and phototransistors can be a good way to learn about modulation, small and easy to get something going. other than that 1, don't let the smoke out 2, be wary of inductors, it is quite easy to accidentally let one discharge back through your circuit and fry everything

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