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Comment The length of the ad itself (Score 1) 242

The length of some single ads are insane. I live in rural southern Ontario and get decent DTV coverage. Mostly american TV, and it is insane how long some ads play. I can't remember what it was for (shows you how good the ad is) but I think it was for some sort of medication and the commercial was about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes long. It just went on and on and the worst part about american ads and TV in general is how insincere they feel. So after their overly long rant about why you should bleed out your ass because you have the sniffles, the ad plays again!

I don't care if that company paid for 2 ad spots or not but whoever decided to play the same commercial back to back is a moron. It seems to be happening more and more. I don't know if this is a sign that less companies are advertising on TV, or if it's just ads competing for good spots and taking the whole break for themselves in an attempt to stop rivals advertising close to theirs.
At least online I have the option to block ads and some control over the content, but TV really seems to be digging itself a hole. I understand why so many Americans are stressed or generally unhappy because your commercials are absolutely pathetic and really drive home the fact that your sick and going to die if you don't take "Brand X Antidepressants: Now with 20% less brain leakage! chanceofbrainbleakagemaynotactuallydecrease. BRAND X".

Jesus Slashdot, really? "Filter error: That's an awful long string of letters there." What's the point of that...

Comment Re:How? (Score 3, Informative) 381

If that's the case then the standard "Are you 18 or over?" should be enough to stop people from accidentally browsing their site. Why need anything more than that? Why not educate kids and tell them that this warning means there is adult content within?

Anything more than that means he wants to just outright prevent access (as they've already tried) and there's more to it than the typical "think of the children" bologna.

Comment Oh Nooooooo (Score 1) 198

Not a whole $12.

What is this treachery!? Laws must be past. Children need to be protected. This electric menace will rape your wife* and spend your childrens** college fund on beer and pot.

It's game over guys. We need to populate Mars and the get the hell out of here.
Bring the consoles though. Barren wastelands can be pretty boring.

*Husband/wife/extraterrestrial lover
**Children and/or favourite pet

Comment Screw You (Score 1) 498

"a teenage son cannot shoot himself if he suddenly decides life is hopeless"
This really pisses me off. It's never a case of "Oh. I don't know what to do today. Guess I'll kill myself."
There are signs. There are always signs. "They're hard to see." people say. "How was I supposed to know?"

These researchers should worry more about identifying the causes and helping people with suicidal tendencies instead of trying to baby proof the world. Of course someone might feel regret mid-jump. You're not supposed to want to kill yourself. It isn't a natural state. A better public understanding of mental health would do worlds more than putting up a couple fences.

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