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Comment Stupid Youtube (Score 4, Insightful) 204

The problem is content producers on Youtube are actually losing money because their title has the word "REACT" in it and the contentID that automates detection of infringing videos are tagging these videos so the creators are losing their ad revenue and getting strikes against their account.
Another problem is that these guys have millions of subscribers so their a big revenue stream for Youtube so they have of course sided with the Fine Brothers.
The Fine Brothers didn't create this kind of content. They are nowhere near the first to use it but they are still basically taking ownership of other people's ideas.

I've subscribed to uploaders who've had these problems and Youtube is notoriously difficult to deal with because you have to prove you're not stealing, instead of the accuser having to make a proper case.

Just today I saw a video of a quad-copter being attacked by a hawk, and it was uploaded by the original owner but the video was flagged by some Korean news agency as theirs even though they had no relation to the video aside from using it in their broadcast. The big stinker is that the uploader was donating the ad revenue to a charity and so they've lost out on a couple grand already.
The system Youtube is using is very flawed but they don't seem to care about the grief and frustration they are causing users.

The most satisfying thing is a live stream of the Fine Bros current number of subscribers and the number just kept plummeting by 20-30 every few seconds.

Comment Stupid (Score 1) 220

That's seems like a really dumb way to tackle a problem. Why not address the reason why the part failed to begin with and improving that? The biggest problem I've ever had with my phones are crappy MicroUSB that seem to disintegrate if a little pressure is applied.
Most people's biggest problem is the screen falling to bits if you stare at it too hard.

I wish manufacturer's would consistently offer spare parts.

Comment I can't read this (Score 1) 138

I can barely concentrate on reading the blog-pretending-to-be-news post over the sound of Timothy furiously masturbating while crying and quietly murmuring "They love me. They really love me. I'm s smart,"

Feck off!

Comment But first (Score 1, Funny) 51

First they created quantum headphones, and the knots came easy. They had to keep constant watch on the headphones to prevent them knotting to such an extent that it tears the fabric of reality and our universe becomes intertwined the endless knotting of time and space.
They've got one intern and a 20 gallon drum of eye drops. Fingers crossed (or knotted).

Comment Poor summary as per usual (Score 4, Insightful) 432

What harassment? Sexual? Physical? Racial?
You can't just go on about something you haven't even told us about yet.

It's gender discrimination the editor was talking about by the way. You have to be clear in these situations because every special snowflake is being "discriminated against" in some way either because the way someone fucking sits or because someone doesn't automatically know they are a genderfluid, cross horse/dragonkin from Planet Zarblox X and are only attracted to slightly rounded triangles.
It's a good thing that problems like this are being tackled, but nowadays I'm always skeptic when people start trying to make a deal of it because most of the time it's someone being over sensitive because they wore cat ears and a tail to a job interview and yell "DISCRIMINATION" or "CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE" when they don't get the job.
That's what SJW's have done to actual battles for equality: they've bastardized it and made it less than it actually is by yelling louder than the people who experience the ass slaps or slurs or unprofessional jokes.

Everyone's so eager to be offended.

Comment Re:Avast does that also (Score 1) 170

This pisses me off. Chrome made it more difficult for a user to install their own extensions, and any program can just add an extension whenever it feels like. I don't even think Avast lets you stop the install of the extension. So if you use Chrome you've got to sit back and let it happen, then manually remove the extension. It's moronic.

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