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Comment: Oh Nooooooo (Score 1) 198 198

Not a whole $12.

What is this treachery!? Laws must be past. Children need to be protected. This electric menace will rape your wife* and spend your childrens** college fund on beer and pot.

It's game over guys. We need to populate Mars and the get the hell out of here.
Bring the consoles though. Barren wastelands can be pretty boring.

*Husband/wife/extraterrestrial lover
**Children and/or favourite pet

Comment: Screw You (Score 1) 498 498

"a teenage son cannot shoot himself if he suddenly decides life is hopeless"
This really pisses me off. It's never a case of "Oh. I don't know what to do today. Guess I'll kill myself."
There are signs. There are always signs. "They're hard to see." people say. "How was I supposed to know?"

These researchers should worry more about identifying the causes and helping people with suicidal tendencies instead of trying to baby proof the world. Of course someone might feel regret mid-jump. You're not supposed to want to kill yourself. It isn't a natural state. A better public understanding of mental health would do worlds more than putting up a couple fences.

Comment: Windows 8 User Here (Score 5, Interesting) 786 786

My laptop started chugging on Windows 7. I noticed a performance increase on my netbook when I previously tested Windows 8, so I thought I would give it another try,

I have to admit, it works wonderfully. The system definitely performs better and the interface on Windows 8 is nice.
Here comes the obvious: Metro is pretty shit.
The full screen apps are useless and the main interface has no appeal. You know what my biggest problem is? The thing that bothers me the most? When I search for a program, there is no default "Show All". First it only shows programs installed, and then "Settings". Often I'm using it to find windows components like Device Manager, and it requires additional mouse clicks and movements to get there. Likewise on a tablet, it would require more touches. It's the simplest, most obvious thing, and if they overlook little things like this I don't have much hope for the rest of Metro.

The OS itself it pretty nice though.

Comment: I can "believe" it (Score 1) 931 931

It would give you the sense that no matter what someone does care and all the other wonderful feelings that come with a belief system. There is supposedly a religious area of the brain, so I can believe that it may help.

There is nothing at all wrong with that. Most people have some sort of belief system, be it religious or another spiritual sense.

The dangerous part is when the church or governing body of that belief system is corrupt and they tell you that you must believe their word and that is it. Examples include the proclamation of the Catholic church that condoms are evil or un-chrisitian, thus preventing religious people that wish to partake in sex unable to use some sort of contraception to prevent the spread of diseases like AIDS.
I use this example strictly because it is fresh in my mind from watching a debate on whether "The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World."

I don't believe it would be ethical to recommend a specific religion to a patient, but letting them know about the communities that follow religions and the support network they can form I see nothing wrong with.

Comment: Re:Its first major toll (Score 0) 427 427

I would like to point out that there is no "official" rule on the apostrophe and can' ac'tually be use'd when'ever.
What they taught you in school was generally accepted, but in no way set out in stone.
Example: Grocer's, Grocers' and Grocer' are all grammatically correct.

Comment: Because of reasons (Score 1) 978 978

In the past month, many if my regular sites have been flagged by Google for malware and when resolved it was all down to malicious software being served by their ad provider.

For the first time in years I visited Youtube on a freshly installed system without any addons installed, and it blew my mind how many ads there were. The main page had about 3 ads including a huge video ad in the middle. This was on a netbook and so the time it took for the ad to load was not appreciated. I loaded a music video and there was a video ad, a popup on the video, and that annoying frame around official music videos that show the next crappy pop star (in this case it was Nicki Minaj, and that was really unappreciated).

Some sites that I do visit ask me to turn it off and they so far have only served me very simple image ads or text ads which I don't really mind. It's when an ad starts playing animation and/or audio that I block them and sometimes just block the site itself completely.

You don't need to be intrusive to sell your product. It just annoys the end user. I don't remember a single flashy ads name, so that obviously does not work (in my case).

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