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Comment: Re:Doesn't matter (Score 1) 385

by p0larity (#49292903) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Laptop To Support Physics Research?

I dated a physicist who went on to a graduate programme and she used a bargain basement laptop because even one of those is good enough for a reasonable simulation. Simple Ubuntu 9.10 install (at the time).

Picture of dancing pickles on the background because, you know, physicists can be fun and quirky.

Anything that requires a lot of compute cycles could run on the university's server farms.


Pope Promotes Christian Netiquette 218

Posted by samzenpus
from the divine-friend-request dept.
angry tapir writes "Pope Benedict XVI Monday gave his blessing to social networking, urging Catholic Internet users to adopt a respectful Christian netiquette when spreading the Gospel online. The pope said new technologies were creating unprecedented opportunities for establishing relationships and building fellowship but warned against creating false online profiles out of vanity or diluting the Christian message to achieve popularity."

Comment: Re:Ok, maybe it's just me.... (Score 1) 120

by p0larity (#34954478) Attached to: Nintendo 3DS Launching On March 27 For $250
Your cell phone doesn't have a 3D display (no glasses required). The games available for the 3DS are enticing too. I mean I see your point, but this system is going to be pretty awesome, IMNSHO. Also the price will drop to a more reasonable level eventually. But I'll probably be an early adopter.
The Internet

6 Homeless People Saved By the Internet 94

Posted by samzenpus
from the power-of-farmville dept.
An anonymous reader writes "With Ted Williams's story (the homeless man with the golden voice, saved by the internet) blowing up online, and in the traditional media, we figured it was time to tell the stories of 5 other homeless people who've found success, be it financial or personal, through the wonderful use of this series of tubes we call The Internet."
Input Devices

Hacked iRobot Uses XBox Kinect To See World 124

Posted by Soulskill
from the gesticulating-at-robots dept.
kkleiner writes "A student at MIT's Personal Robotics Group is going to put Microsoft's Kinect to a good use: controlling robots. Philipp Robbel has hacked together the Kinect 3D sensor with an iRobot Create platform and assembled a battery-powered bot that can see its environment and obey your gestured commands. Tentatively named KinectBot, Robbel's creation can generate some beautifully detailed 3D maps of its surroundings and wirelessly send them to a host computer. KinectBot can also detect nearby humans and track their movements to understand where they want it to go." In related but less agreeable news, "Dennis Durkin, who is both COO and CFO for Microsoft's Xbox group, told investors this week that Kinect can also be used by advertisers to see how many people are in a room when an ad is on screen, and to custom-tailor content based on the people it recognizes."

Comment: Re:Makes popcorn (Score 1) 132

by p0larity (#34230392) Attached to: Android Holes Allow Secret Installation of Apps
Yeah, I don't use my Android phones for more than a week before installing some kind of custom ROM on them. Most users will never even think of doing updates though. The carriers may push an update if this bug gets enough press though. That still means people won't update, but the ones who care can be safe. Or the users who have friends who care.

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