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Submission Barbie gets a brain->

minstrelmike writes: Mattel is coming out with a Talking Barbie designed by a huge team to be your best friend. She is pre-scripted with thousands of responses controlled by an AI with designs to be your best friend.

The design team remembers the "Math is hard" debacle of the 1990s and if a girl asks if she's pretty, Barbie will respond, "Yes. And you're smart, too." If she asks if Barbie believes in God, she says a person's beliefs are personal. And suggests talking to grownups about some problems.

Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child even discusses trying to avoid edited vids on YouTube by scripting out words such as cockroach.

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Submission Can living in total darkness for 5 days "reset" the visual system?->

the_newsbeagle writes: That's what one neuroscientist is aiming to find out. He wants to put patients with a type of amblyopia, the vision problem commonly called lazy eye, into the dark for 5 days. His hypothesis: When they emerge, their brains' visual cortices will be temporarily "plastic" and changeable, and may begin to process the visual signals from their bad eyes correctly. Before he could do this study, though, he had to do a test run to figure out logistics. So he himself lived in a pitch black room for 5 days. One finding: Eating ravioli in the dark is hard.
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Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 706

I'd say its not a fair declare fault until we know with 100% certainty that it was in fact a "hack" of some sorts. Lets say it was an inside job and a simple case of data theft in the workplace. Even the NSA cant guard against such things (Snowden). Of course you can permission control data, etc. But there is always a small few that has complete access.

Besides, in many countries what you say is already in place. Under things such as the Corporations Act. Directors are held liable for the companies behavior. The problem being nobody prosecutes these laws. I'd go as far to say that Executives having knowledge of security issues and not acting is negligence in its most simplest form.

Comment Re:Goodbye free speech (Score 1) 210

I argue this. Lets say hypothetically that they are not fake. And the company is just plain out bad at what they do. Deformation laws are such where they can contest just about anything, true or untrue. E.G you did a crap job for someone and they complained truthfully so you sue. In effect you can win that provided you can demonstrate clear loss of income.

Where I feel this gets sticky is not this issue though since my above example is not common. What the issue is for me is that lets say it was one person who made these bad reviews and used Sock Puppet accounts to do so. If Mr Sock-Puppet can find another disgruntled customer who posted a bad review albeit on Google Places, Facebook, TripAdvisor or whatever.

The argument would be why was this guy taken to the courts? A sock puppet issue should be by definition a breach of terms and conditions on Yelp! and those comments therefore should be removed on that basis. It's a bad precedent for the plaintiff to make these claims and I see this case a loser anyway you sell it.

Comment Re:What an opportunity! (Score 2) 359

Not being able to print Euros may of called for the collapse of Greece but under the Drachma Greece was already broken. Goldman Sachs committed fraud/trickery to get Greece into the EU in the first place. Therefore this has nothing to do with printing money or not printing money it has to do with "the real economy".

Printing money only camouflages the damage for a later day which is what they'll do to bail out Deutsche Bank to stave off an 09 type collapse this time around. Because at the end of the day someone somewhere will print money somehow to solve the problem.

Fiat has always resulted in these types of issues because they create debt based economies dictated by central banks. This is the very problem. One day people will see through the lie and all hell will break loose. This is enviable.

A gold standard may not be feasible but it is practical. Bitcoin has the same practicality but the question is, is it feasible? A tip, look into the actual mining process, learn about the sub types of bitcoin, then you'll see its value.

Comment Re:Popping the popcorn (Score 1) 262

What really might upset you is that I just came back from teaching a woman's only self defense class which is focused specifically rape prevention. A program which I developed with law enforcement to distribute to the local community both at secondary schools and universities.

If anything I'm more sympathetic to the women than you are. I.E being dragged through the media about anything sexually related would have to be one of the most psychological damaging after affects of the entire ordeal. And the gist of what I am saying is pretty much that - seeing it any other way makes you a nut in my books.

So while you're on your superior and moral high horse ask yourself this. What would make you suffer more? Worrying about STD's for a few weeks/months or being splashed in tabloids all over the world having death threats sent your house daily? I'd say the damage of what cops did was far more severe than what Assange may have done, knowingly or unknowingly.

Comment Re:Popping the popcorn (Score 1) 262

Thanks for the clarification. I always saw it as a sticking point as to why the two were involved at the same time. And what you're saying only makes the situation more fishy LOL.

Another thing that got me is why people are say quick to say "he should go back and face the music" and "he's paranoid with crazy view of the world" like its nothing. Meanwhile in the US (I might add the most powerful nation in the world) was calling for his assassination. Yeap, seeing that in mainstream press would make me a little paranoid.

Comment Re:Popping the popcorn (Score 1) 262

Let me float something by you. And the reasons why I feel most these allegations are a joke. Seemly _two_ women at the same time reported this crime. This whole argument of any real laws being broken stop short there for me. And you have to be very blind to think any of this situation holds any true merit at this point.

For example if it were one person making the complaint (which is like almost every other time) then this whole thing would have never of seen the light of day and the cops would have to dismiss the entire complaint based on the "he said, she said" sentiment. I.E no witnesses, no definitive evidence, so on and so fourth. Nothing to really prosecute. Just because they had two complaints, who both were really not interested in arresting him in the first place and more than anything just wanted STD tests. And understanding the draconian ways of how the legal system works in Sweden I.E in the US the victim can withdraw charges at any time and not the prosecution wielding that particular power.

The legal basis are held upon a) Forcing unwitting complainants to participate in the prosecution and b) we now know no real crime took place. Remember the law of assault or rape exist to benefit the victims. What he did after the fact may or may not be a black and white, to the letter of the law but the reasons for these laws are to prosecute based on severity of the act. I.E What damage was done? As the way I see it (which you may or may not agree) the women are more affected by the slur of press and public judgement they've had to endure over the initial fear they had of contracting STDs which has long since passed.

Now say Assange had AIDS for example and was hopping from woman to woman trying to spread the disease, then heck, lock him up throw away the key and exercise the proper use of the law. I'd say with all that's said and done, he's more than served his time for the crime, both in cost, public embarrassment and being locked away in an embassy for years. Had the Swedish not wanted to extradite him a deal could have been wagered based on a guilty plea, no conviction recorded, time spent as the penalty. And for those to say "that's not the law, that's not how things work". No that's exactly how things work more often than not as pretrial
"deals" are designed to minimize the costs on legal system to begin with, this entire debacle was the distinct opposite of this for reasons not fully revealed by Swedish authorities.

Submission Thunderstrike Malware Crushes any MacIntosh Into Apple-Sauce->

retroworks writes: Matthew Braga of Motherboard writes an article on a new "proof-of-concept" virus developed in Germany to demonstrate how Apple computers can be given an undetectible, uncleanable case of keylogging.

"Thunderstrike is a new proof-of-concept attack on Mac computers that was unveiled by programmer and hardware hacker Trammell Hudson at the annual Chaos Communication Congress last month—a well-known conference in Germany attended by hackers and digital activists worldwide. What makes Thunderstrike so different from your typical malware infection isn't how it's installed, but where. Rather than infect a computer's operating system, Thunderstrike targets the software that sits underneath—the firmware or BIOS."

The virus is similar to NSA reverse-engineered firmware-malware, such as StuccoMontana. (described

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Comment Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 1) 122

You're clearly a fine example of why we should start screening people's ability to vote and give it to only those with half a brain ...

The senate has barley a chance to pass any new laws yet. The Libs 'just' got into power.

See what did I say? They'll blame the Libs for the ALPs fuckups. But please If you're going to do it atleast wait a few months.

I thought about it. If someone actually wrote down blow for blow what happened with the ALP leadership. Gave it to a foreigner to read without any prior knowledge of Australian politics. They would have thought it was fiction. Again not saying Abbott is much better or will be better. I'm saying we're screwed eitherway.

Comment Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 1) 122

I agree with most of what you've raised. Going back to the days when Unions were indeed an intrgal part of how the country ran. But it's just like cane toads in my view. We introduced them to solve one problem only to create a new one in its place.

These days Union officals are akin to mobsters and can be bought and paid for. Saying the Libs are any better by being Murdoch's puppet regarding the NBN is no different.

The reality we still have a while before we are in any shape of the way things are turning out in the states. Speaking to people that can see this happening I believe is important. People who want to live in the illusion that none of this is happening need to wake up. Wake up before our next generation suffers.

Comment Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 1) 122

Live in reality? The same reality where thanks to Fair Work I can show up late to work, be bad at my job to the point of near incompetency. My boss gets upset over my lack of performance. I can then quit my job. File a suit against the organisation because I felt 'belittled' by my bosses negative feedback. Win. Then go on to sue my ex boss directly. BTW I come from a long line of HR consultants in the family. This shit gets spoken about over the dinner table.

What people get away with in this country will only serve to drive away industry. The Car industry is the first of many. Just remember we expect wages of 60 - 100k on average. Meanwhile thailand factories are 10x the size 10x more sophistcated and despite the enormity are cheaper to run. So no. We either normalise our national debt and slow down inflation or die a horrrible horrible future on the international scene. Mining is keeping the dollar up but it wont for long if we keep regulating it. 2/3 growth rate being slowed is already showing the death of many projects and operation thst directly impacts jobs. This was labors doing but the Libs will be the ones that are blamed.

Comment Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 2) 122

Yes I need to grow up because I feel the need to not watch everything this nation once produced get offshored because the Unions STEAL. Yes STEAL. Whilst using the 'poor downtrodden worker' excuse to do so. We cannot muscle companies around just because we can. And in this case their is no need to look out for the little guy. Scrapping minimum wage is a bullshit statement towards me because your pulling my argument to an extreme rightist view just because you think you're cool for doing it.

Listen, I'm not wagering the Libs are any better. But I certainly wont overlook the atrocity we called the ALP and think for ANNNY second that Julia the massiah Gillard was any better. She's under investigation by the Victorian Police for these sorts of reasons. Union slush funds she used to renovate her house. This 'was' our leader?

My guess is your a younger person than me. Perhaps just out of uni and was fed all this bullshit while serving time at our nation's 'Social Sausage Machine'. As the saying goes. If you're under 30 and not vote Labor you have no heart. If youre over 30 and vote Labor. Then you're a fucking idiot.

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