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+ - Thunderstrike Malware Crushes any MacIntosh Into Apple-Sauce->

Submitted by retroworks
retroworks writes: Matthew Braga of Motherboard writes an article on a new "proof-of-concept" virus developed in Germany to demonstrate how Apple computers can be given an undetectible, uncleanable case of keylogging.

"Thunderstrike is a new proof-of-concept attack on Mac computers that was unveiled by programmer and hardware hacker Trammell Hudson at the annual Chaos Communication Congress last month—a well-known conference in Germany attended by hackers and digital activists worldwide. What makes Thunderstrike so different from your typical malware infection isn't how it's installed, but where. Rather than infect a computer's operating system, Thunderstrike targets the software that sits underneath—the firmware or BIOS."

The virus is similar to NSA reverse-engineered firmware-malware, such as StuccoMontana. (described

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Comment: Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 1) 122

by oztiks (#45695329) Attached to: Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

You're clearly a fine example of why we should start screening people's ability to vote and give it to only those with half a brain ...

The senate has barley a chance to pass any new laws yet. The Libs 'just' got into power.

See what did I say? They'll blame the Libs for the ALPs fuckups. But please If you're going to do it atleast wait a few months.

I thought about it. If someone actually wrote down blow for blow what happened with the ALP leadership. Gave it to a foreigner to read without any prior knowledge of Australian politics. They would have thought it was fiction. Again not saying Abbott is much better or will be better. I'm saying we're screwed eitherway.

Comment: Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 1) 122

by oztiks (#45688399) Attached to: Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

I agree with most of what you've raised. Going back to the days when Unions were indeed an intrgal part of how the country ran. But it's just like cane toads in my view. We introduced them to solve one problem only to create a new one in its place.

These days Union officals are akin to mobsters and can be bought and paid for. Saying the Libs are any better by being Murdoch's puppet regarding the NBN is no different.

The reality we still have a while before we are in any shape of the way things are turning out in the states. Speaking to people that can see this happening I believe is important. People who want to live in the illusion that none of this is happening need to wake up. Wake up before our next generation suffers.

Comment: Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 1) 122

by oztiks (#45688365) Attached to: Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

Live in reality? The same reality where thanks to Fair Work I can show up late to work, be bad at my job to the point of near incompetency. My boss gets upset over my lack of performance. I can then quit my job. File a suit against the organisation because I felt 'belittled' by my bosses negative feedback. Win. Then go on to sue my ex boss directly. BTW I come from a long line of HR consultants in the family. This shit gets spoken about over the dinner table.

What people get away with in this country will only serve to drive away industry. The Car industry is the first of many. Just remember we expect wages of 60 - 100k on average. Meanwhile thailand factories are 10x the size 10x more sophistcated and despite the enormity are cheaper to run. So no. We either normalise our national debt and slow down inflation or die a horrrible horrible future on the international scene. Mining is keeping the dollar up but it wont for long if we keep regulating it. 2/3 growth rate being slowed is already showing the death of many projects and operation thst directly impacts jobs. This was labors doing but the Libs will be the ones that are blamed.

Comment: Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 2) 122

by oztiks (#45687691) Attached to: Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

Yes I need to grow up because I feel the need to not watch everything this nation once produced get offshored because the Unions STEAL. Yes STEAL. Whilst using the 'poor downtrodden worker' excuse to do so. We cannot muscle companies around just because we can. And in this case their is no need to look out for the little guy. Scrapping minimum wage is a bullshit statement towards me because your pulling my argument to an extreme rightist view just because you think you're cool for doing it.

Listen, I'm not wagering the Libs are any better. But I certainly wont overlook the atrocity we called the ALP and think for ANNNY second that Julia the massiah Gillard was any better. She's under investigation by the Victorian Police for these sorts of reasons. Union slush funds she used to renovate her house. This 'was' our leader?

My guess is your a younger person than me. Perhaps just out of uni and was fed all this bullshit while serving time at our nation's 'Social Sausage Machine'. As the saying goes. If you're under 30 and not vote Labor you have no heart. If youre over 30 and vote Labor. Then you're a fucking idiot.

Comment: Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 1) 122

by oztiks (#45686487) Attached to: Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

Bwahahahahahahaha see readers we have a nation full of this kind of attitude. Two words. Fair Work. Where we see things like this...

So... what... our tax payer dollars facilitate this nonsense? How many of these do we see everyday? And at present the unions are presently sueing the last car manufacturer (Toyota) out of the country?

Sorry you're not only wholesomly wrong but your either seriously misinformed or delusional.

Comment: Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 0) 122

by oztiks (#45685643) Attached to: Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

We may of voted the Libs in but the ALP holds much of the sentate. Call me a Troll if you like. But ignoring the aching problems like a 2/3 reduction in mining growth projection for 2014 and Holden leaving Australia. Carbon tax mate. We are 128th (out of 140) most regulated countries when it comes to business regulation. Our unions. Our legislation in the workplace is making it untenable for people to want to do business in Australia.

Comment: Re: Not sure which is news... (Score 1, Interesting) 122

by oztiks (#45680545) Attached to: Australia's National Broadband Network Downgraded

Speaking as an Aussie I dont really give a rats.

Look at American politics as a crystal ball in this case. We're damned if we do we're damned if we don't. At the moment Australians' are far too busy suing each other because we boast these horrid levels of self entitlement. All the meanwhile strangle our abilities to produce anything tangible because of ridiculous over regulation (hence why were so busy suing eachother over ludicrous shit, a biproduct of over regulation)

5 years from now we'll be feeling reallly sorry for ourselves because we let the Greens and Labor party put us in this mess and then we'll be selling our asses hoping the Libs and whatever other conservatives will help the people out. All the meantime they'll do exactly the opposite putting us in the same mess the Republicans and Democrats have done to the States.

Comment: Re: Misunderstanding the argument (Score 1) 96

by oztiks (#45419689) Attached to: Stanford's MetaPhone Project: Crowdsourcing Metadata To Challenge the NSA

Not a worthy argument. Say that you hold the database of all addresses on all letters held by all residents. Sender and reciver. You see patterns, these patterns are all that is then needed to build a case to then conduct surveillance. The metadata is the tool used to create a reason to pursue. Without it they actually have to go out and do their jobs. Sure as a bystander one can see an envelope here or there. In actual fact it's a ferderal offense to mess with people's letterboxes. So unless someone leaves a bundle of letters out and unless your rude enough to sift through their mail you're only going to see the first address anyway. And that is the recipients address anyway. Further I could leave my wifi password stuck to the back of my router, if someone is rude enough to steal it and think nothing of it ... well it sucks to be that person too. First they convince common respect is misplaced, now I'm hearing being a sneaky prick is okay too... what's next NSA employees allowed to help themselves to beers in my fridge?

Comment: Not liking the 100% liquid diet ... (Score 2) 440

by oztiks (#45411753) Attached to: Soylent: No Food For 30 Days

Dont get me wrong. I practically live on home made juices. But for the life of me, I need solids. So many people are in the same boat with these new wonder diets that are out there, detox or whatever. Many eventually drop the wonder diet because of IBS. I see this no different, sure treat it as a partial suppliment. Like I said cant get enough juice but atleat 1 solid per day ... otherwise the stomach gets lazy because it doesnt need to break anything down, from there it only goes down hill.

Comment: Re:Most of the problems listed have a single cause (Score 1) 445

by oztiks (#45407385) Attached to: Bill Gates's Plan To Improve Our World

Hardly see how. Religion offers the incentive that if you're to kill someone you might go to hell over it. Atheism lends itself to the fact that there is nothing after death so we might as well do whatever we like.

Careful, your neighbour might be an Atheist and at any point jump the fence and fuck your wife while you're out ...

See same old prejudices, same only rhetoric. Atheism is just the new black in the sphere of religion.

So, if you feel that Atheism gives you a sense of responsibility and place in your community. Then I guess it's the appropriate Religion for you after all. Ha! Atheism a religion! you gotta be crazy right?

Religion = a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.
Atheism = disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.

A Religious Atheist. Someone who has a great devotion to the lack of belief of God [or gods].

Comment: Re: A century ago, Progressives (Score 1) 926

by oztiks (#45387739) Attached to: Where Does America's Fear Come From?

As for Science destroying Religion. I buy that as being an issue but I see the same problems that Religion has simply to be traversed over to Science. Not be abolished by Science.

Consider the Big Bang as the Atheists' version of Genesis. Consider the way many scholars have begun to explain the Bible to the general public such as Reza Aslan. Look at TV shows such as "Spartacus" and the way their language is contrived in the show. And classically look at Shakespeare's plays in Elizabethan.

Scientists which take the standpoint that the Bible has been disproved is an undereducated view. The growth / evolution of the human psyche has simply evolved and Science has paved the way in the last couple of hundred years or so, by changing our methods of story telling and explaining situations.

We have grown as a collective and created language mechanisms that allow us to explain the very definition of a story or situation directly.

E.G "Joe is a good guy he is very kind and likes to help the homeless". The old school way of telling the story would be "Joe is so kind he gave his own shirt to a homeless person".

Whether Joe actually did give his shirt to a homeless person is not at all relevant. But the story transmutes Joe's character. The entire bible is built based on this comparative process. It is not false. It wasn't created by a bunch of nutters back in the "day" so-to-speak. No, it was created by the people of that time to tell stories in the way they knew how to.

The Big Bang is the direct version. Genesis the medieval version which is example driven using the examples of that time to define its very meaning. In any case, Reza Aslan explains it quite well in one of his interviews.


Valve Announces Steambox, Sort Of 252

Posted by timothy
from the rumor-of-a-leak-of-a-buzz-generation-machine dept.
wbr1 writes "A new page has appeared over at Steam with this slightly cryptic text, a countdown, and an image of a console controller. 'Last year, we shipped a software feature called Big Picture, a user-interface tailored for televisions and gamepads. This year we've been working on even more ways to connect the dots for customers who want Steam in the living-room. Soon, we'll be adding you to our design process, so that you can help us shape the future of Steam.' It appears Gabe Newell wants to throw his hat in the console ring now with the Xbox One and PS4 about to be released. The countdown to the announcement is targeted at Monday."

And on the seventh day, He exited from append mode.