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Comment I've Seen a Lot Who Want To (Score 1) 767

But only a hand full that can. And when I say a lot, I mean hundreds of people I've witnessed who want to. Maybe the ones who want to category is the cause for this article? Dream on... and then we're seen as arrogant. It's not my fault you can't do it. Parle vious France? I didn't think so.

Comment Add 2 + 2 (Score 1) 69

Microsoft has been hob knobbing with China the past couple years. Bing is huge in China. Google is no more (in China). Now Windows phone is taking off like wildfire there. Google is talking about pulling Android out of China. Google has been cutting it's own throat. Microsoft stock is still cheap... way cheap. http://windowsphonethoughts.com/news/show/165736/a-sign-of-improving-times-for-windows-phone.html

Comment Re:The Americans are tampering with our internet! (Score 1) 274

And this is a concern of whose? Oh, a government that controls the people. Hey China, we control our government, or haven't you heard? China is trying so hard to take over the U.S. it's pathetic. The funny thing is, they think they're winning the cold war, but we're not playing weiqi here... we're playing chess, oops. They're monitoring all the negativity towards Obama going around the internet and they don't like what they see. It's so obvious Obama is a plant... fail.

Comment Give Us a KGB Too While You're at it... (Score 1) 312

and make it so everyone is making the same amount of money, threaten to kill our family members if we defect, put a wall up around us so we can't get out, censor the whole internet, kill any dissidents, put up so many cameras we can be tracked everywhere we go, and take our guns away from us. But biggest of all, don't call us communists... please.

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