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+ - Brick & mortar retail stores in India refuse to sell Android One phones

Submitted by oyenamit
oyenamit writes: Online shopping in India is still in its infancy but is growing tremendously to reach the mostly untapped market of 1.2 billion people. Invariably, the conflict between pure online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart and brick and mortar stores was bound to emerge. Unfortunately for Google's Android One, it has been on the receiving end of this friction. Leading brick and mortar retailers in India have refused to sell Android One handsets ever since the US company chose to launch its products exclusively online.

The three Android One makers in India — Micromax, Karbonn and Spice — launched their handsets exclusively online in mid-September. When sales did not meet their expectations, they decided to release their products via the brick and mortar store channel. However, smaller retailer and mom-n-pop shops have decided to show their displeasure at having being left out of the launch by deciding not to stock Android One.

Comment: Re:Permanent problem? (Score 1) 223

by oyenamit (#48387295) Attached to: Comet Probe Philae To Deploy Drill As Battery Life Wanes
No, it does not seem permanent. As per the original plan, the secondary batteries were expected to receive about 7 hrs of sunlight each 12.4 hr comet day. Now it is expected to be only 1.5 hrs. This will definitely impact experiments that need to continuously run for long periods of time.

+ - Antivirus vendor Avast suffers embarrassing forum hack

Submitted by oyenamit
oyenamit writes: In what might turn out to be an egg on the face scenario, antivirus company Avast announced that their community forums have been hacked and have been taken down. Avast CEO Vince Steckler has blogged that the attack affected less than 400,000 of Avast's 200 million forum users and that it is not yet known how the attacker breached the forum. Vince goes on to warn that "even though the passwords were hashed, it could be possible for a sophisticated thief to derive many of the passwords".

While the attack affected only the community forum and the payment, license related data was not compromised, it serves as a good wake-up call for everyone that very little out there is truly secure.

Comment: Re:Learning is great (Score 1) 230

by oyenamit (#43785811) Attached to: Australia Makes Asian Language Learning a Priority

. . . plus by learning the language . . . you also learn the culture. And be able to understand it better. That makes real business sense.

While this might be true for other countries, it is not necessarily so for India.
English is recognized as the secondary official language of the country (with Hindi being the official one). Even lowly clerks in government offices speak English (albeit with an accent). The huge amount of information & literature available in English and the high percentage of English-speaking population in India make learning Hindi optional.

Moreover, even though Hindi is the dominant language, it is only one of many. If you are doing business with a company based in Bangalore, chances are very high that the mother tongue of your business partner is Kannada (which has almost nothing in common with Hindi).

Save yourself some precious time - learn the culture, skip the language.

+ - How to build a better developer community->

Submitted by dp619
dp619 writes: Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon (of GitHub fame) and the OuterCurve Foundation have shared a blog postwith suggestions including how to choose an open source license, why governance processes should be simple, how to establish codes of conduct, why a community helps software evolve, and how to structure a project to provide an easy on ramp to participate. The overarching theme of the post is that the dynamic aspects of software development are lost if a project doesn’t fully embrace open source; communities don’t just automatically form around a license. A added benefit is that companies that consume open source can contribute back to the commons and gain from collaborative development.
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+ - Ask Slashdot: Literature for memory management?

Submitted by keepsimple
keepsimple writes: I am working on a new database system that needs its own memory management sub-system. I started with simple fixed-block memory management and working on an improvement. While I went back to my old books and googled the web, I felt that there must be some newly published methods and results in recent years in the area of memory management. Can you guys recommend some books or papers that cover the state-of-art in memory management?

+ - Adobe demands 7000 years a day from humankind->

Submitted by oyenamit
oyenamit writes: When was the last time you actually read and understood the EULA before installing a software? Never? You are not in a club of one. Unless you are a legal eagle, it would be almost impossible to fully understand what you are agreeing to.

Consider this: The Adobe Flash installer has a EULA that is 3500 words long. Adobe claims that the software is downloaded eight million times a day. If each person takes 10 minutes to read (and understand!) the entire text, they would consume over 1,522 years in just one day. If we put that into man-hours: an 8hr day, 240 working days in a year, that becomes 6944 years in a day. Turn that into a 50-year working life and that's 138 lifetimes a day!

This article at The Register deconstructs the text that we all blindly agree to by clicking the "I have read and understood the..." checkbox.

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+ - NASA's $2.5bn Curiosity rover: An Apple PowerBook on wheels->

Submitted by oyenamit
oyenamit writes: On Sunday, Aug 5, the Mars Science Laboratory, a.k.a. Curiosity landed on Mars to investigate whether the red planet was ever habitable to microbial life. The $2.5 billion, car-sized rover landed on our neighboring world after an eight-month journey from Earth, and is designed to operate for at least two years.

For its nuclear-powered life-hunting tank, NASA chose a 200MHz PowerPC 750 CPU specifically hardened to withstand radiation and space flight. TheRegister provides a breakdown of the technical specifications of the rover (pic included).

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+ - Airtel: An Indian ISP Penalized For Blocking a Torrent Site

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: India's Department of Telecom has instructed ISPs to block popular torrent trackers like the Pirate Bay and IsoHunt. Recently, consumer forum penalises Airtel for blocking torrent sites and deficiency in providing Internet access when it blocked torrent sites earlier this year, following a Madras High Court Order received by Copyright Labs. The opponents are directed to pay Rs. 20,000/- to the complainant for committing deficiency in service and thereby causing mental agony to the complainant. Further the opponents are directed to pay Rs.2,000/- towards litigation charges to the complainant. A copy of the Court’s order is available here.

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