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Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 1) 58

So if they are serviced by a public road at a huge loss to the state

They're not serviced by a public road. You might have a public road (really, a dirt track with the odd and rare sign) and then 20 house each 100 miles away from that road in different directions. So you'd need to string a couple thousand miles of fiber along the "public road", and then another couple thousand miles just to get those 20 houses hooked up. Multiply that a thousand times more and there you go.

Imagine wiring up a thousand small towns where each town is so spread out you need a thousand miles of fiber just to hook them up to the main line, which itself is tens of thousands of miles long. Then you can start to see the scale.

Comment Re:Avoid INTERCAL (Score 1) 429

PowerShell (derivative of C#).

I wouldn't really call it a derivative of C#, syntactically they're very, very different. They both run on .NET, though, but then so does VB.NET and bunch of other unrelated languages (IronPython comes to mind).

I'd say it's more like various shell languages, though I don't know them well enough to know which it's more like (cshell, BASH, kornshell?)

Comment Re:Economic factors are my priority (Score 1) 188

That is $9 billion leaving our economy each year.

It's amazing how much staying power this myth has, even after Adam Smith tore it down in 1776.

What do you think happens to that $9 billion? Does it sit in a mattress somewhere? No, it's only uses are to buy things produced in the US or invest in the US economy.

Comment Re:What is the purpose of regulation? (Score 3, Insightful) 668

Yes, things like homeopathy aren't useful, but they don't actively hurt either. So why have regulations?

It's because of the fraud involved. Bernie Madoff was clearly running a pyramid scheme, so there shouldn't be any regulations against it, right? It's okay for people selling products to straight up lie about what it is, as long as it's obvious to most people that it's a lie it's perfectly okay. Buyer beware, and all that.

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