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Comment: i will (Score 1) 87

by overcaffein8d (#32826942) Attached to: Hands-on With Pixel Qi Screens In Full Sunlight

i will buy one when they come out with a netbook like that standard. not because i want to replace the screen, but because of the cost. after a few months of competition, the sunlight screen netbooks will become reasonably priced.

also, it would be nice if it had one of those fancy middle hinges so you can truly read it like an ebook reader. and, of course, a touch screen version of this would be too awesome for words.

Comment: Re:dont overthink (Score 1) 1095

by overcaffein8d (#30213328) Attached to: Geek Travel To London From the US — Tips?

Unless you want some time off from computer, take your laptop with you. It's still a lot easier than always going to a Internet Kiosk and can use it otherwise than just quickly uploading images off.

It depends on what you need it for. Think what you will be using it for--if it's just for simple email, slashdot-checking, or facebook, just bring a small device. You're a geek.. so what do you have? An iPod touch will do the trick--at the same times as a laptop-where there's a wi-fi signal (Okay, no ethernet). If you have an iPhone, then that works as well (watch out for charges). Of course, Verizon's CDMA-only phones don't work.

I would just keep the pictures on the card. When I went to Europe for 12 days over the past summer, I brought along my Nikon D40 with 2 8gb cards. I took somewhere around 4460 pictures and don't think I completely filled the first one (Normal Quality jpg).

So, maybe it's just because I have a 17-inch MBP so it's a pain to carry around, but I think you may be able to get by quite well without one. Enjoy the trip!

Nothing in progression can rest on its original plan. We may as well think of rocking a grown man in the cradle of an infant. -- Edmund Burke