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+ - Google Launches Code Search

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overbored writes "Google Labs has just now quietly launched a new service: Google Code Search, for searching large public code bases. It supports regular expressions, along with a number of operators that refine the search according to filename, package name, language, and license. The engine is unaware of language semantics, however, so queries cannot (say) distinguish symbols from strings, the viewer does not have cross-referenced browsing, etc. Related services include Koders and Krugle."

+ - Kiko Calendar Being Sold

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overbored writes "Kiko Calendar, an AJAX calendar service that has been previously covered on Slashdot, is currently being auctioned on Ebay. Paul Graham is one of the partners of the Y Combinator venture firm backing Kiko, discusses the reasons behind this turn of events, citing the arrival of Google Calendar as the main reason:
While I don't think this case implies the party's over for web startups, it is significant in one respect. It seems to be the first example of Google benefiting from the Microsoft Office effect. In the 80s and 90s, Microsoft gradually killed off the competitors of its individual applications by making them tightly integrated....Google may be even more dangerous than Microsoft, because unlike Microsoft it's the favorite of technically minded users.

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