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Comment: o rly (Score -1, Troll) 450

by ourlovecanlastforeve (#47524841) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

> the surgery is fairly inexpensive [even for a programmer :) ]

Oh you programmers have it so hard.

With your three thousand dollar a month apartments.

And that Honda Fit you drive just to show the world that you don't need the finer things in life.

You should be required to work a year in retail in the same way some countries require a minimum of military service.

And your three hundred dollar bottle of scotch that you sample alone in your newly remodeled kitchen so you can tell the Internet about what a beverage snob you are.

Comment: Microsoft's OS business model: (Score 1) 346

by ourlovecanlastforeve (#47452105) Attached to: Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return

1. Release a version of Windows that everybody likes.
2. Release a version of Windows that everybody hates.
3. Drop support for the OS everybody likes so they have to buy the one everybody hates.
5. Go to 1.

Microsoft sells licenses. If they didn't force you to upgrade to the Shitty Windows you'd just stay on the one you like. Once they've forced everyone onto the Shitty Windows, they release the Good Windows because of course you want the Good Windows and you'll rush to buy it.

Isn't that illegal, you say?

Isn't that extortion, you say?

Guess which operating system the US government's computers run.

Comment: Re:USB DACs (Score 2) 502

Take it from someone who has tried to use 30 USB devices on one PC (bitcoin mining): It doesn't work like you'd expect.

USB hubs are usually designed far below the spec because the assumption is that most people won't connect more than 2 or 3 devices at a time.

If you connect 20 to 30 devices they start to fail randomly.

Comment: Re:Anonymous Coward: source name prefix is bullshi (Score 3, Funny) 70

Because Microsoft's management team operates like a group of toddlers.

"Apple's watch has 8 sensors! Oh yeah?! Well OURS has ELEVEN."

*throws together a bunch of chips from companies they ran out of business into a bulky, ugly box that straps to your wrist and has a 2 hour battery life*

Six months later:


Patent trolling lawsuits go.

Comment: Re:Windows 9 may be sooner (Score 1) 71

>Windows 9 must succeed--Microsoft's reputation is already suffering badly enough with every other release being a consumer failure, I doubt they want to see what happens if they produce two turkeys in a row.

And what are you going to do if you don't like Windows 9? Go get Windows from another software company? That's right. Let the butthurt in.

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