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Comment: Retrocharging (Score 2) 450

Yeah, this is a thing companies are doing to consumers now.

It's also a big topic of conversation at the dinners I have to sit through with money-grubbing shitfaced sociopathic CEOs.

It's called retrocharging.

It works on the same model as MMORPG's and DLC except it's more insidious: The company threatens to take away something you already have unless you pay them more money.

Comcast does this. They are now doing "account audits" after which they send you a letter telling you they're going to start charging for features they claim you have always had but haven't been paying for.

Comment: Re:Are speed cameras bad? (Score 0) 335

by ourlovecanlastforeve (#48702573) Attached to: Out With the Red-Light Cameras, In With the Speeding Cameras

Speed cameras are bad because the speed people drive is determined not by the law, but by the speed other people drive.

It is collective reasoning that decides how fast people drive.

That's why when you're driving down I-280 the speed limit is 65 but everyone drives 80.

If you put speed traps all up and down I-280 it's not going to slow people down, it's just going to punish poor people who are driving the same speed as wealthy people.

Comment: The cards they do nothing (Score 4, Funny) 131

Hi, former Comcast support representative here.

Those cards do nothing, they're just placebos.

You dial the support number and punch in the code, and the switch drops you right into the same queue with everyone else.

At the call center we called them "idiot cards" because you'd have to be one to think they were any benefit to you.

We usually handed them out ironically to the least deserving customers.

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