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Comment: Re:USB DACs (Score 2) 436

Take it from someone who has tried to use 30 USB devices on one PC (bitcoin mining): It doesn't work like you'd expect.

USB hubs are usually designed far below the spec because the assumption is that most people won't connect more than 2 or 3 devices at a time.

If you connect 20 to 30 devices they start to fail randomly.

Comment: Re:Anonymous Coward: source name prefix is bullshi (Score 3, Funny) 68

Because Microsoft's management team operates like a group of toddlers.

"Apple's watch has 8 sensors! Oh yeah?! Well OURS has ELEVEN."

*throws together a bunch of chips from companies they ran out of business into a bulky, ugly box that straps to your wrist and has a 2 hour battery life*

Six months later:


Patent trolling lawsuits go.

Comment: Re:Windows 9 may be sooner (Score 1) 71

>Windows 9 must succeed--Microsoft's reputation is already suffering badly enough with every other release being a consumer failure, I doubt they want to see what happens if they produce two turkeys in a row.

And what are you going to do if you don't like Windows 9? Go get Windows from another software company? That's right. Let the butthurt in.

Comment: Re:"It's the biggest rewrite ever" (Score 1) 71

9 should be good.

Remember, every other version of Windows is good.

95? Shit. Crashed all the time. 98? Awesome. Transformative. Amazing. Me? Shit. Crashed all the time. XP? Amazing. Transformative. Vista? Shit. Crashed all the time. And there were internal memos leaked that exposed the fact it was intentionally difficult and frustrating to use. 7? Amazing. Transformative. 8? Shit. Didn't crash all the time, but fucking Metro. And now all the settings are in two different places, and every time you try to find one it switches to the fucking Metro interface.

The reason Microsoft does this: It allows them to sell 2 Windows licenses for every PC OEMs sell. OEM licenses require OEMs to sell PC's with only the latest version of Windows, so the OEM has to buy one license for Windows 8, then another license for Windows 7 so they can ship Windows 7 as demanded by the customer.

Comment: Re:Well.. (Score 3) 71

Yes, the "cloud" is the best thing that ever happened to software companies. Adobe came up with the original concept of taking away software that you install on your own computer and making you run it on their servers instead. This prevents people from finding a version of their product that serves their needs and never upgrading. Now instead of trying to force you to upgrade by introducing critical bugs that interrupt your workflow (I've seen it done in person, not at Adobe but at other companies) they simply shut off access to your data if you stop paying them. "That's a nice rendering. Be a shame if you were to... lose access to it. Oh by the way, your monthly tithe is due."

Comment: 1024x768 is not acceptable (Score 1) 96

by ourlovecanlastforeve (#46830587) Attached to: The $5,600 Tablet
I'm sorry but super VGA is not acceptable in a five thousand dollar tablet. Most Windows software made in the last ten years won't even work at that resolution. I don't care if you can read it under molten lava, if the resolution is so low as to break the device's functionality there's no justification for purchasing it.

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