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Comment c band/ku band (Score 1) 175

being in north Alaska you will be probably limited to C band. Your best bet is to probably find service on AMC11 and Galaxy 12. With those your elevation is only ablut 8.5 degrees so if you have any terrain to the south you will probably be out of luck. Any commercial C band provider will be open about there contention ratio. If you really want to shell out the money they will also be able to provide a dedicated link called SCPC(single carrier per channel). Any decent commercial can set you up with a quote.

Comment Re:That is true of all cheap 3D Printers (Score 1, Offtopic) 185

I remember when CD writers were like this, about 25%-33% you tried to burn were coasters because your machine couldn't keep the write buffer full, so you had this delicate balancing act of setting it to burn and OH GOD DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING and hope for the best. They still blew my mind with how handy they were, and now CD/DVD burners are so dirt cheap and reliable that it's hard to imagine the days when they were so sensitive. I figure in a few years, 3D printers will get similarly more reliable and mainstream, and continue to fall in price, until people are churning out all sorts of widgets without giving it much thought or worry.

I have a TDK 4x4x8 cd burner that still to this day had not burnt a coaster. I had a Memorex 2x2x4 and a LiteOn DVD burner that was as you described....but I found if you buy good burners what you say is not a problem. When I replaced the aforementioned LiteOn I got a Plextor for ~$100 and have had no problems.

Comment Re:People are stupid (Score 1) 266

Honest question, it has been a long time since I have thought about physics of this type. As the vehicle gets closer to the speed of the wind, the wind acting on the windmill reduces. Once the vehicle reaches the speed of the wind, there is zero wind force on the windmill. Am I wrong here? This is where my disconnect is on how this is possible.

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