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Comment: Re:What's unclear? (Score 1) 64

by Theaetetus (#48899033) Attached to: Why We Still Can't Really Put Anything In the Public Domain

Along with your work, you provide a promise not to sue, giving up all your rights to the work in question. It's clearly illegal to do that with the intent of changing your mind later.

Well, since the armchair /. lawyers will soon descend upon your post spouting off about how you can't enforce anything without a contract, let's just go ahead and get this posted: Promissory Estoppel ;-)

However, as your link notes, the measure of recovery wouldn't be the same as if the contract existed, since there would've been no negotiation and awarding full use of the work would be unjust enrichment. Instead, a court would probably say that there are no royalties due for past infringement, but that you don't get an unlimited right going forward to keep using the work.

Comment: Re:Slashdot stance on #gamergate (Score 1) 680

by Theaetetus (#48893393) Attached to: Doxing Victim Zoe Quinn Launches Online "Anti-harassment Task Force"

First your entire understanding is completely incorrect.

She initially claimed that a RO was needed becuase he was spreading nudes of her, while it was she who posted them publicly when working as a model. A) He did not spread the links (or rather nothing concrete can be found to link him), and B) they were distributed BEFORE the RO was issued; give they were used as justification for one.

Unless you are now arguing that action which promoted the issuance of a RO can then be used as evidence of violating it after issuance?

The police report you linked says that they were distributed in a podcast on 09/20/14. It also says the restraining order was issued on 09/16/14. Now, I'm no mathematician, but I do believe that 9/16 is before 9/20, not after.

Or are you arguing that the police report you provided is fake?

Secondly, I guess you missed the start of the second paragraph, wherein she claims Milo and Gjoni are part of some group whose purpose is to spread doxx information.

Nope, read it. You claimed - and I quote - she "claimed that he and Milo, are part of some professional doxxing organization." I responded that the word "professional" doesn't appear there. Are you now backpedaling on that and admitting that she's only claiming that he's part of a group that doxxes people? Or do you want to double down and claim that use of the word "organization" automatically means it's professional?

Third, if you simply listen to the podcast, it was not Gjoni discussing that information. KoP was, and Gjoni was just present. So even if the information was spread, it was not Gjoni spreading it. A RO may prevent Gjoni from discussing the matter but that does not hold him liable for when others do.

Do you have a copy of the transcript? I can't find one online, so I can't verify. Also, depending on the wording of the restraining order, a judge is still going to crack down on Gjoni if he tries to pull a "I didn't reveal her personal information, the person sitting to my right (reading the note I passed him) revealed her personal information".

Also in followup to this, Gjoni's Lawyer was then doxxed and threatened; and the doxxer is now being sued.

First, got a link? Second, I'm not sure how this is relevant to what we're discussing. Is there any claim that Quinn was the doxxer?
Incidentally, if by Gjoni's lawyer, you mean Mike Cernovich, I really hope he's not claiming to be Gjoni's lawyer, because he's not a member of the Massachusetts Bar, and unlicensed practice of law can get him huge sanctions.

RalphRetort has the rest of the links but I am opting not to share them directly due to doxxing issues.

I'm not sure what you mean by that. You can't provide a citation because you're afraid of being doxxed?

Comment: Re:Slashdot stance on #gamergate (Score 1) 680

by Theaetetus (#48889637) Attached to: Doxing Victim Zoe Quinn Launches Online "Anti-harassment Task Force"

OR how as part of the gag order, she claimed that Gjoni spread internet links to nude pictures of her, while failing to mention these were images she had made public of her own volition, while working as a model/camgirl.

And claimed that he and Milo, are part of some professional doxxing organization, despite in reality they had never spoken prior to GG


*Police report obtained via FOIA

First, your link doesn't say what you claim it says. The word "professional" never appears anywhere in there, nor "paid", "compensation", or anything else that might imply it was a professional organization.

Second, the police report indicates that the restraining order forbid any posting of her personal information by Gjoni. But, as you admit, Gjoni spread internet links to nude pictures of her. Regardless of who put them up initially, it certainly seems like you're admitting he violated the restraining order.

Restraining orders are explicit orders to not do certain things. If you do them, you're in deep shiat, even if they seem to make no sense at the time. For example, when people with restraining orders who are told to stay away from each other due to a domestic fight later reconcile and get back together without first going to a court and having the order withdrawn go to jail. If the order tells Gjoni not to post any personal information about Quinn, and he posts a copy of a white pages entry naming her, he's still in violation of the order. There's no "sure, I posted personal information, but other people did too" or "sure I posted personal information, but it wasn't secret" defenses. You simply can't do it, or you're in violation.

Comment: Re:Slashdot stance on #gamergate (Score 1) 680

by Theaetetus (#48889529) Attached to: Doxing Victim Zoe Quinn Launches Online "Anti-harassment Task Force"

I'm starting to think this gamer gate is just another grouping of right wing nuts.

No, that's been researched. GG is mostly left of center. This is authoritarian left (SJWs like Quinn, Alexander, Grayson, McIntosh, Chu, etc) vs libertarian left (GG).

Say what? GG's supporters include writers at Breitbart, Ed Morrisey at Hot Air, conservative Adam Baldwin, Christina Hoff Sommers, etc. This is Tea Party-style "libertarians" and conservatives against progressives.

Comment: Re:Crash-testing & strength? (Score 1) 118

Most of the plastics used in 3d printing are high strength.

Remember, you can print a gun now - so it is roughly equivelent to metal.

You may have to make certain arts slightly thicker, but I don't see any problem with crash-testing and safety standards.

What I do see a problem is COST. Usually 3d printing is very expensive when compared to mass produced. Not only are materials more expensive, but the time of the 3d printer is worth money. It takes time and effort to 3d print, rather than pour stuff into molds. There is a reason Ford adopted the Assembly line.

I see this kind of thing being a rich man's toy, not a real person's car.

That said, I can see replacement parts being made this way. Cheaper to store 10 lbs of print stock and 1,000 designs, than 1,000 parts each weighing 0.16 oz.

Comment: There is no shortage, but (Score 1) 506

by gurps_npc (#48884399) Attached to: Senator Who Calls STEM Shortage a Hoax Appointed To Head Immigration
the problem is all about money. Similarly, the solution is all about money. Currently foreign workers tend to earn about 20% less than actual citizens

What we should do is simple - let anyone and EVERYONE in that wants a short 6 month work visa. Charge them a fee, around $1,000 for the visa. Also, don't let pregnant women purchase the visa. Require any business hiring them to pay all standard US taxes plus an additional 20% foreign worker tax. Finally, have the foreign workers list all jobs they took during the period, offering them a sizable bounty if the employer turns out not to have paid the tax.

Businesses can now get the people they really truly need - but have to pay the same amount of money.

Foreigners that are desperate can enter and work here - without the US having to worry about work visas being used to obtain citizenship for kids.

The government gets a boost of information and far fewer criminals would bother trying to sneak into the US just for work. Lets us concentrate on the terrorists and drug smugglers instead.

Comment: The ominous humm.... (Score 1) 790

by gurps_npc (#48877275) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret
As Sgt. Schlock says, "I like the soothing sounds I get out of this one.

Who are we to take them away?

Of course, by the same argument, do you really have to make it a requirement? Better to make it an option so that those of us that don't want the extra noise don't have to pay you extra to get it.

Which is the real point of course - stop charging me for things you think I want, without getting my specific permission. This clearly should be an add-on option, not a requirement.

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