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by Technician (#47761365) Attached to: Uber Has a Playbook For Sabotaging Lyft, Says Report

If they get away from this and this is how low the bar is set, I can imagine the established taxi service with a central dispatch system will employ the tactic on the orignator, and have some backlash protection quickly able to blacklist blocks of cell numbers on throw away accounts and whitelisting many bars and other public access phones.

Blacklisted - Do not respond, long drive to arrive.. Trac Phone number or Magic Jack number, or already abused number.

Tenative, unknown new customer on questionable prefix. Respond if very local to a driver. No long drives and limit wating time.

Whitelist, Joe's Bar where Joe calls the cab for someone, gives customer's ID, or a taxi regular.

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by Technician (#47759677) Attached to: New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One?

This extra labor and skill simply adds to the TCO of the WIndows product. What is your time worth?

Sometimes the cost of a clean copy is cheaper than the time and effort required to properly clean an OEM copy. It is much easier to wipe and install Mint or some other OS that comes clean and with fully functional applications. I've stopped dual booting on more than one or two machines, becasue each time I boot into Windows for some requried Windows specific task, I'm stuck waiting on the shutdown for "Configuring Windows, Please do not power off" screen on top of the AV Updates, Windows Updates, Flash Updates, etc that has delayed startup. This is how a once or twice a month Windows task turns from 5 minutes to 25 Minutes +.

Unless you boot into Windows at least twice a week, it will remind you how much it is a time drain.

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Just a reminder that scambaiting sites are generaly NSFW. Some have explicit phontos and situations, and some simply due to the race isses. I got in trouble mentioning a 419 scam at work because it disparages a non white race only due to the country with the 419 Penal Code in the name of the scam.

Save scambaiting for off work hours if your complany is super PC sensitive. Do study the scams to prevent being a victim. Do educate your co-workers against Advance Fee Fraud. Don't call it 419 or mention Nigerian law. That could be a PC issue at work.

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On my first one, this is how it ended as I went to the website and downloaded the application and offered him the options of "Save" or "Cancel". This confused him for quite a while. He asked me to "Open" it , so I opened it in Package Manager and found the Exe contained another file inside the container. So I extracted that. Finaly we got to the non Windows issue and he hung up. This took almost 40 minutes due to trying to get remote access working.

These guys are getting smarter in regards to people being on to them.

The latest call was much shorter as they expalined my PC was uploading to some server. I reacted supprised and inquired as to the server my machine was logging into so I could check my router log. He immediately queried me on why I was skeptical. I explained that I wasn't, but needed to follow up on the breech with the network team to find the target server that was collecting our information. He again accused me of being skeptical and as I again said I wasn't, but needed security to follow up on the breech and check the network gateway logs, he simply hung up on me. They don't want to deal with anyone that understands computers.

That call never got to the event viewer or remote access. Was fun to have him hang up on me wihout even saying goodby.

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Low level RF has the same emission pattern as a lit cigarette. At 50 yards the heat won't burn you. At 5 feet the heat won't burn you. Place one in your lap, the test results may be different than the government claims. I'm fine with WiFi in a laptop computer. The antennas are at the top edge of the lid. A cell phone in your pocket or a tablet pasted against your head does not have this 5+ inches of seperation.

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How smart you are depends on whose Kitchen you are standing in at the time. Sub Shop for kitchen and you get the idea. Put a BBQ chef in a bakery and watch the failure.

A movie I really enjoyed about not telling students how good they are is "The Paper Chase" A student feels pressure to not flunk out as a failure. Older film, great drama.

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by JWSmythe (#47734553) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

Here's my experience. Buy something from eBay or Amazon.

Well, we've bought a lot of batteries from various people I've been harvesting laptop batteries for the 18650 cells to put into phone recharging backs so we can play Ingress for effectively limitless hours, and for eCigarettes. That's given me a look inside them, and what condition the actual cells are. Leftovers, I sell to friends and friends-of-friends at cost.

The recharge packs I have take 4 18650's, so if I get 2500mAhcells, I have a 10000mAh pack. I went with carriers that have a physical on/off switch, rather than the soft switch like the Anker has, so they can sit a long time without discharging. I haven't needed to change batteries on them yet.

Generally, I buy from eBay. I'm looking for the higher cell counts, and aiming for about $1 to $1.50 per cell. So a 8 cell pack I want to spend $8 to $12 on.

When I crack them open (always more work than it sounds) they all have the standard overheat sensors, which was the concern before about exploding batteries. They have all been wired well. Out of say a couple dozen packs, I received one that had a dented cell in it. It didn't hurt the performance of the cell, but since it was dented, I refused to use it or give it to anyone. Some of them, I've damaged the wrapper, so I re-shrink wrap if I'm in urgent need of them, or I dispose of them.

Regardless if it says on the listing that it's an OEM or 3rd party pack, almost all of them have had no-name cells in them. I did get a few true Sony, Panasonic, or Sanyo cell, but they are rarer.

They've all tested out to be the listed capacity, and they all have worked at the expected life expectancy.

The only big exception was the battery for my old cell phone. It originally came with a 1400mAh battery. The only cheap seller listed 1600mAh for about $10/ea. I used them, and they were fine, but they only lasted as long as my original battery when it was new. When they finally started failing, I pealed the stickers off, and the original markings showed they were 1400mAh batteries. If I had been paying extra for the extra capacity, I may have been upset. Since I just needed batteries that worked, it didn't matter much.

I played Ingress a *lot* with my phone though that period. That draws a lot of power, so I kept a couple spare batteries in my pocket all the time so I could swap them as needed.

My new phone came with a much larger battery (part of my selection criteria), and I don't play as much. I let it charge in the car when I'm driving. If I'm walking, still carry the external pack, just in case I need it.

So.. Pick something cheap on eBay. Look for listing saying they're "new". Don't expect a higher capacity batter to be any better than the original battery. Since you're looking for cheap, you can generally afford to get a spare. :)

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It's good for your house too. I've seen houses where the homeowner never ran their A/C and they were proud that they saved money. They also had problems with mold, paint peeling, drywall falling apart, and various wood things in their house warping.

At one place I lived, there were ceiling fans throughout the house, which was nice. There were also some on our back porch. The ones inside stayed in almost original condition. The ones outside had rust on the metal parts, and the blades warped.

But this was a discussion about datacenters, so I talked about the corrosion problems with IT equipment.

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