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He does have a point, I'm a regular contributor in your sense of the word. I recognised TempleOS as being connected to a slashdot user, so he is a "regular" in the sense that another regular recognises him. I'm also guessing that omnichad is of british descent since his use of the word mimics the way the word would be understood in a british pub.

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AC but still a brave post. The fear of the "mentally ill" that "normal" people have is a major problem. I have also had auditory and visual hallucinations on numerous occasions, however it doesn't make me doubt my own sanity since it always happened after working a 73+hr shift on a fishing trawler. The visual ones always happened in a moving car, they were interesting not scary, they would go away if I shifted my visual focus. Auditory ones happened when it was quite and I was alone. They would go way completely after get a good sleep.

Perception is everything. Perhaps if all "normal" people were given a mild acid trip after xmas dinner there would be less fear of the "mentally ill".

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Indeed! Vincent Van Gogh did his best work while suffering schizophrenia, Starry Night and Sunflowers are now considered the work of one of the greatest artistic geniuses to ever walk the earth. This guy is (unknowingly?) attempting to put the "art" back into the "art and science of programming", he's unlikely to succeed but he deserves credit for his effort.

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You would hope a Professor of philosophy could get his head around the difference.

Agree, way too many people who should know better still conflate consciousness with intelligence. An ant's nest exhibits intelligent behaviour but it can't contemplate it's own existence, Watson displays the same kind of "mindless" intelligence and consistently outperforms the best human trivia buffs.

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Deep sea vents were discovered when I was in my 20's before that we used to think abiogenesis had something to do with lightning hitting a mud puddle. The evidence that life formed around such vets on Earth is strong but inconclusive. Fatty acids from clay in the vent spontaneously form primitive cell membranes (in vents and mud puddles). Sulphur provides chemical energy, porous rock around the vent provides a sponge like scaffold for life to take root and extract passing nutrients. Most importantly the vents are predictable, the deep, still water stabilizes the temperature gradient. Convection currents cycle the fatty cells through the gradient allowing different chemical reactions within the membrane to synchronize themselves to the thermal cycle (much the same as plants match the cycle of night and day). If that really is how life got started then it's likely that primitive cells are still being spontaneously created near these vents today, the practical problem for scientists researching this idea is finding them before evolved life such as shrimp eat them.

Europa has all these conditions and like Earth it's ocean is also oxygenated at the top. Oxygen is vital for multicellular life on Earth, collagen (the stuff that holds individual cells together as multicellular critters) cannot form in an oxygen poor environment. Oxygen in Europa's ocean is replenished differently than it is on Earth. On Europa's surface strong radiation from Jupiter knocks the H2 off the ice and out into space, the free oxygen is returned to the ocean via plate tectonics. Personally I would think it very odd if we didn't find single celled life in Europa's ocean, at the very least it would force Science to radically rethink the conditions that lead to abiogenesis on Earth. What I'm interested to find out is whether life on Europa uses the same self-replicating molecules used by life on Earth, but I doubt I will be around to hear the answer..

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