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Comment: Re:A little bit of sanity... (Score 1) 179

by osmifra (#41486071) Attached to: File-Sharing For Personal Use Declared Legal In Portugal

I do believe file sharing helps to spread the word and publicize less known bands, movies and books, it also brings more people to concerts and shows.
We know a lot more albuns and songs and not only a few singles, there's plenty of alternative bands appearing and showing that is good.

Now for already very known artists like Metallica or Movies Blockbusters that already have a name and don't need that much more publicity it does do more harm than good, but its hard to feel sorry for those that make dozens of millions of dollars per year already.

Comment: Re:EU are on crack (Score 1) 292

by osmifra (#41435257) Attached to: Google Could Face Heavy Antitrust Fines In the EU

Its not about locking a consumer or not.

A monopoly is basically when you have more market share than your competitors, it doesn't matter if your clients are clients by choice or are being forced. Having more than 80% of searches is a monopoly by all accounts.

You could install many operating systems in your computer but most install windows. Windows isn't forcing anyone, they don't won you computer or your hardrive. But they have monopoly.

Using that monopoly in one line of business to obscure your competitors in other lines of business is not permitted by EU regulations.

Comment: Re:Google is Evil (Score 1) 292

by osmifra (#41435175) Attached to: Google Could Face Heavy Antitrust Fines In the EU

If i want the best service, not google service that is important and as a user i do care.

You can argue that google is the best service but that is beyond the point, for me it might not be. Also I'm obscuring my competitor because i have monopoly on which streets everyone walks. That is not permitted in EU.

It happened with MS and IE, it will probably happen again against google.

Comment: Re:Squeezed for cash? (Score 2, Interesting) 316

by osmifra (#41434793) Attached to: Apple Wants Another $707 Million From Samsung

If mankind thought the same way you do we would still be banging rocks in each other's heads.

Although I don't agree with him he does have a point and is willing to discuss it, if you had an IQ bigger than 100 instead of shutting communication with irony and insult you would try to encourage it.

Close minded bafoon.

Comment: Re:Privatization Working? (Score 1) 77

by osmifra (#41408931) Attached to: SpaceShip Two, XCOR Lynx Prepare For Powered Flights
>None as far as I know, and I have no objection to them. I was just commenting on the more general situation asked about. No. Actually you said it would be an analogous situation. >The analogous practice(...) So yeah... You were making things up. Chrysler and GM are monster mainly due to government deals and cost 5X more. SpaceX develops a rocket shows it can fly successfully and then gets a deal with NASA for a fraction of the cost that would have gone to Russia otherwise. Meanwhile in crazy america that says anything the government does without involving private companies is socialism, calls this privatization wrong and calls for a public space program?!?!?!? Up is down left is right logic if you ask me...

Comment: Re:And, cue shitstorm.. (Score 2) 247

by osmifra (#41408883) Attached to: Three Mile Island Shuts Down After Pump Failure
IF something actually goes bad in Nuclear energy its very hard to cover up something that anyone can measure with a freaking tool!!!! Stop spreading FUD, there's no high levels of radiation and that can easily be measured by anyone. Wanna see cover ups in energy? Go look for carbon mines and fuel refineries and then tell me something. With far more accidents deaths and nature crimes per year each than all nuclear accidents combined.

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