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by osiaq (#45450607) Attached to: Time For a Warrant Canary Metatag?
No Google? No MIcrosoft/Nokia? No Blackberry (well, Canadian, true)? No Android? I'm an admin in the medium-sized German educational institute, trying to avoid US-soil based stuff but well - you cannot avoid all of them. Internauts did chose US years ago, coz that was the only country that guaranteed stability, technology and transparency. It was the safest haven available. I agree - we are moving back to Europe (Dropbox replaced with Wuala, servers in LeaseWeb, Hetzner and you name it, domains moved away from godaddy but still - there's a lot to migrate and this will take much longer, that it took to get tied to the US-based solutions. But yes - the trend is set.

"Only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core." -- Hannah Arendt.