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by oshkrozz (#47702211) Attached to: Rightscorp's New Plan: Hijack Browsers Until Infingers Pay Up
Yes and no: You could be considered an accessory to the crime. You would have to:
1) Divulge the person responsible
2) Have the court fail to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that when lending your keys to the person you were not aware of the consequences
3) you would still be on the hook for the insurance for civil damages

Now onto Red light and Speeding cameras, the tickets issues are parking tickets, just like the car can get a ticket for being parked in an illegal sport and the owner of the car is responsible (unless they rat out the responsible party) the same is true with speeding cameras. What that means is that if you drive your car cross country you are free to speed and run red lights all you want since other states have no way to collect (Doesn't apply to rental cars) ... unless you get pulled over and then you will have to pay up.

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Here is how the console box app works, it is really easy. Step 1 put your phone in mute Step 2 open center console box Step 3 Throw phone inside Step 4 (This is the tricky part you CAN NOT swipe it to lock that is patented by Apple you MUST close it with three fingers .. as four fingers might also be a patented method for closing a box). Close console box This app is only $4 on google play .. it will only appear after you send the money to my account 1111111

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The point of DRM is not to limit copying of material by those in the know. It is meant, and the sole purpose of it is to limit how long the content is good for. That basically after a few years your device is now obsolete, the DRM used is no longer supported. If you want new content you need to buy a new device ... if you want your current content well, you need to buy it again for the new device. There are still a significant number of people in their 40s and up that will buy into this model.

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You forgot the 25% sales tax in Denmark from your calculations (sales tax a very regressive form of taxation). In the usa the average sales tax is 6%. What you are saying in essence is that the US should significantly increase taxes and then give people these services? so lets put this into better perspective:
A middle class family in the USA (most middle class have some form of health insurance and are paying lets say 400/month employee contribution) vs Denmark for comparison.
Net income of 66k USD (50k Euro) in the usa they will spend about 3k/month on taxable items (50% is housing related the rest is spent ... who saves anymore?). that means in the usa
3000 * 6% = 180
3000 * 25% = 750
so you see you are paying significantly more for your health coverage then the average person in the USA ...
that 180 in sales tax in the USA is also going to subsides University, you can not compare the price of a private college to a state university for in state residents. The cost of instate is 8000/year * 4 years = 32000
Lets divide that number over a lifetime say 60 years of paying sales tax will be 45 dollars per month.
So now lets add 180 + 400 + 45 = 625 vs the 750 you are paying ... overall USA is less expensive the major difference is not in quality of care but in compensation when things do not go according to plan. The reason the USA doesn't have universal health care is quite simple ... malpractice to sum up the situation:

Democrats make their money as trial lawyers and many of them made their fortunes on malpractice issues so a federal health care system would also mean no more malpractice claims in the 10s of millions of dollars but more in line with Denmark system:

Republicans do not want a federal system they want it controlled by the state ... and thus set by insurance companies (that charge significant amount for that malpractice insurance) that they will lobby for when they leave office.
so in short both Democrats in the USA and Republicans in the USA agree that Universal healthcare is bad for their pockets ...

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It is also perfectly legal to lie to them ... you can not commit perjury unless you are in court or with authorized law enforcement that are charging you with a crime (the case where you would plead the 5th ... to a private company you don't have to ... you can just outright lie) that is why they want this law to make it a crime to lie to them. In the article they used the term "criminal" investigation however in absence of law enforcement with an actual case and court order there is no criminal investigation (and if they had that ... they would then have the authority to gain the information from your accounts) just a company wanting to cover its tracks, prevent whistle blowers or other such events.

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I grew up with lego, yes when I was 7 I got my first set of little bricks that could ... when I was 8 I got set #575 the Coast Guard set .. it had ... one set you could build from the instructions (that was in 1978) it was just the start ... you built it, you got other sets you built cities, forts, mountain ranges transformers spaceships and so on the possibilities were endless. I myself had children and so I set to raise them with lego, Bionical came out and I looked at those sets scratched my head and thought what on earth can you build except what the instructions had ... so I didn't buy them at first and my boys went without until a fateful birthday party and they got a gift of one ... well I was proved very wrong, they created, they built and came up with spiders and monsters, giants and trucks with arms. Now there are so many options, you could buy the current trend (star wars, lord of the rings and so on) you can buy the box o bricks that is just a huge box of bricks you can even buy lego creator these sets have instructions for a few different models. Also you can buy the lego master builder that teaches kids how to really build in an a fun but educational way, they learn to build stability, realism, and structure in a set. Branding sets is not so much of a sell out as a step to creativity, it is what kids "want" but unlike the toy story action figures that sit in a box the lego harry potter sets that they got 4 years ago are now part of a space station and a giant mother ship with loading bays

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Fonts are NOT protected by copyright US copyright law (much to the chagrin of font designers ... yet somehow we survive and people still come up with new ones) what is protected is the "software" to display the font can be covered by an end user license agreement (the infamous EULA) and restrict you from using the font package as provided for you in the software on another computer without a license. You can and it is entirely legal to do so in the USA is copy the exact characters (Manually not with a software program) and document with a video that is how you are doing it, then release it into public domain. The font file is protected by copyright because it involves "code" and the judge and jury on the precedent setting cases didn't know what computers were .... and felt that the code that displays the font as true type (or a font manager program) can be copyrighted without any knowledge of the code itself being unique in anyway or worthy of a copyright.

What you are referring to is a Trademark (style) this is not a copyright and a company can protect its logo or colors and can sue if another company tries to use their trademark look they have to prove though that it will cause market confusion or give them impression that it is being endorsed by that company. For example a HS football team can not take the look and colors of an NFL team without permission, however a car dealer can wave flags and display the colors of the local football team without any special permission (or any team for that matter)

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There are allot of grown ups who will also go and buy the iPhone 5 today based entirely on the marketing they have seen without ever asking a fundamental question of "Is this a good idea".

IP laws are designed to help entrenched economies not new and developing ones, as such that a "new" market has a phase with little IP law surrounding it and rapid expansion in technology. It is worth comparing two technologies that appeared around the same time: The Steam Locomotive and the Telegraph. The Telegraph was no more or less expensive to build out to every community then a rail line. However, the steam engine did not suffer from many patents, and very few of the mechanics of it were patented (air brakes being the most popular invention and patented by Westinghouse however a train didn't "need" them it was a safety issue and ultimately a cost issue -- less accidents means more money). Telegraph and Telephone (its successor) where locked up into a single monopoly due to heavy patents. The railroad expanded rapidly with over 180 railroad companies at the peak and rapid innovation created lots of jobs (see recent times to the rise of the computers and the overall lack of patents until recently that created many of the companies now fighting each other).

The phone on the other hand ... was locked down to one company, in 100 years there was barely any innovation (from 1876 to 1976 the phone pretty much worked and looked the same, a train even 20 years later had major improvements) until the breakup of that monopoly after that, you can see the major transformation in the phone in just a short 40 years.

Imagine for a moment if the Wright Brothers could have gotten a look and feel patents for having an engine and two wings one on top of the other, as you can see there is no wright aviation company because although they got the initial idea they had a very hard time improving on it why you might ask? because they were over protective of their patent. Imagine if they could have locked down the whole industry with the kind of patents that are allowed today (on the plus side we would never have needed TSA)

Most people who do substantive research on this find that very few emerging technologies were helped by patents, however many monopolies, or large corporations were very much protected with the use of IP laws as they helped maintain the status quo.

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Wow, you mean just like a real class with teachers that are absent minded, would rather be doing their research then teach the students, and overall awful teacher experience there are bad online classes too?? who would have thought that possible ... As for feedback, I am sure this teacher is aware of those 400+ lecture halls of introductory something or other ... realistically how much feedback is the teacher getting (or care about) is this online class better or worse then that? In an ideal world a teacher would have the perfect student to teacher ratio for the class and all the students in that class would be at the same skill level with the same learning capabilities, I would expect a good teacher to be able to look at something and evaluate it based on what can be done with the tool rather then disparage the new tool for education. A quote from the Article of interest: "Finally, here's a core a problem that multiplies and exacerbates all the others. In normal college teaching, a truly > instructor will go through a never-ending process of constant refinement and improvement for their courses, based on two-way interaction and feedback from live students. (I know I do; I've taught my introductory statistics course several dozen times and I still sit down and note possible improvements after almost every single class session.) " I am positive if hard pressed he would be able to identify not only in the school he teaches at but in his own department the teachers that are not dedicated and that that by and large introductory course go through very little change over 5 to 10 years. (Except the text books those apparently discover new things in introductory math every year). Here is a better summary >

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Yes unlike this chart, it is very hard to figure out the cost of your plan .. I know charts can be very confusing Or this one from ATT Or this one from Team Mobile You do not have to pay .20 per txt and it is very easy to figure out the plan that works best for you (well I guess since many in the USA by the time they get to HS can not balance a checkbook so basic addition and subtraction is elusive it really is not so easy) ... I can not find an actual study that has the number of people that take the very basic most expensive prepay option as you claim (ie 20c per txt or 25c/min) since an average phone call takes more then 3 min based at least on this article not just because I felt it was true (ie $1 on the perpay) With prepay you have to use up the funds you put on your phone it almost doesn't make sense to do the 100% pay as you go option unless you know that on any given day you will never make a call more then 3 min long and the phone is really just for emergencies (not 911 emergencies) and even then if you get the 100/year plan (that is less then 10/month for the not so math inclined) and the $2/day option the most you will pay on any given day you use the phone is $2 the least is 0 and each txt is .02 so you are better off sending a txt message then making a call if you can. Yes you do need some basic math and to pay attention to what you do.

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I am not even sure why this is news that Apple decided to build an employee cafeteria, I wonder if they are going to try and patent and succeed. Yes we know that pretty much every large company in the USA has an employee cafeteria, and we know that in some of them the employee can order their food online in the morning for a specific lunch shift to be ready right when they arrive at lunch, but I tell you non-thinking members of the patent office this is new how many can do it while talking on a mobile device? Or using a touch screen interface instead of a mouse this is novel and new ....

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