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Comment: Re:A 'higher' idea? (Score 2) 716

by oscarwumpus (#35706988) Attached to: Apple's Secret Weapon To Win the Tablet Wars

Did they hire Moses as their campaign manager? That guy was a whiz at promoting tablets.

That is true, Moses was a marketing genius: from publicly destroying a couple of prototypes because the crowd were ignoring him, to preserving for posterity a poor substitute of the prototypes, whose actual command set weren't nearly as coherent as the originals. And his publicity stunts were talked about for years: magic shows, violence, years-long group exercise program!

Comment: Re:cell phone, bad to the bone (Score 1) 220

by oscarwumpus (#35639784) Attached to: Mobile Phone May Rot Your Bones
Yes, the cell phone mostly killed the "I've Fallen And Can't Get Up!" MedAlert industry. You'd think there would have been corporate protections involved, such that cell phones could only be used in cases of fire or theft (or to call someone...but who does that anymore?) but having fallen, you must use your MedAlert or risk violating your EULA. Those darn wireless monopolies!

Comment: Re:Why Is It Wrong to Call This ESP? (Score 1) 319

by oscarwumpus (#34776430) Attached to: Journal Article On Precognition Sparks Outrage
"It's just that only the other scientists get the chance to vote." Wrong wrong wrong. Science is not a democracy: it is a meritocracy. Everyone doesn't get a 'vote': only those people who know what they are talking about in regards to the science get to play. Everyone else gets to point and laugh. Physicists don't usually get to tell biologists how their results should appear, and vice versa. BUT, if it's a problem with the maths, that crosses fields and those better at the numbery-addery bits can join the fray..

Comment: The Japanese find Higgs-Boson and the Neutrino (Score 0, Troll) 437

by oscarwumpus (#31651810) Attached to: Do Car Safety Problems Come From Outer Space?
they were trying to compete with the LHC but didn't have enough real estate, so they built a world wide detection network in their automobiles called the Large Vehicle Collider. Every time a vehicle has a sudden unattributed acceleration, it means it was hit by some sort of particle and an investigation could be begun on that controller. They just packaged the detectors in dual-function machinery. Way to go Toyota!

Comment: I am looking forward to this... (Score 1) 283

by oscarwumpus (#31122360) Attached to: Emmerich Plans <em>Foundation</em> As a 3D Epic
...I am looking forward to hating it. I hear you cry: "but you know nothing about it" And yet, still I avoid eating poo, without ever having tried it. Yes, I could be wrong, but I've seen 3-D ships going boom and i don't need two hours of digital space junk being thrown at me to prove the coolness of the 'new 3-D'.

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