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Comment Re:unfiltered information will make people THINK! (Score 1) 1037 1037

No, that's a fake argument. There's belief, and there's skepticism. I'd say he was a believer desperately trying to gather evidence where there is none, especially for Baptist belief.

Once again, statements about the fundamental nature of the cosmos need massive proof, and science provides none for religion.

Ethical practices are fine, and there's some weak proof that they improve life for people in groups, but we're being splintered from our groups, even as we search for new ones to join, as social animals.

Religion is group mind grope.

Comment Re:Assertion of the day. (Score 1) 161 161

Duty's not the word you want. You're referring to a built-in tendency to be social, because it's worked so well, in general, as a gene-protector.

But nowadays, when we know about the tendency to be social, we can always carefully evaluate its worth, and if we're willing to be a sociopathic asshole, with all its demerits, we can do so.

Comment Re:When is it going to happen to San Francisco? (Score 1) 380 380

“It’s more likely the disappearance of a number of businesses than it is businesses leaving California,” is what the linked article says.

But stay away if you wish. Lotsa new businesses alla time. Consolidations, too.

Somehow, the California economy just keeps barreling along.

Comment Re:And AMBER alerts .... (Score 1) 199 199

Well argued, but unfortunately from the viewpoint of the abductor.

I'll keep noticing vehicle types like I always do when I'm driving (certain types like pony cars tend to dangerous behavior). As a parent, I'd appreciate such behavior more than excusing warnings as useless.

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