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Comment Re:Naughty cannabis (Score 2) 232

True, but you are talking politics now.

I have had a cannabis prescription for over 3 years now (in the Netherlands) and it's far from optimal as analgesic medicine, especially in crude form when vaporizing or even smoking the flower or concentrated "oil". Distilling the good bits and selectively hitting the relevant receptors sounds promising to me, and I appreciate that the development of such a distillate takes time because there is a lot of unknown terrain involved.

Comment Re:Naughty cannabis (Score 5, Informative) 232

Endocannabinoid system is modulated by more than just THC, CBD and the regular ol' cannabinoids in ganja. It's a rather complex system whose functional mappings and tructure-activity relationships are not very well understood.. yet. It offers incredible potential for modulation, far beyond what cannabis can do, and I for one welcome our Pharma Overlords to throw their resources at these problems.. provided that they don't botch things up like this, for fucks sake.

Comment Re:Marine Reserve (Score 1) 81

We could use a reserve force of Marines to invade Syria and fight ISIL

Wsilould use a reserve force of Marines to invade Syria and fight ISIL

Indeed, who is else is going to lead all the sub marines in there. Can't just airlift a sub marine into Isilland -- they'll just molotov it like the Hindenburg. Always send some marines in with the sub, too. This principle is called the Plight of Liberty and this is the deep reason why every single shiIling in the treasury goes towards glorious fealty and so utmost care is taken to contain all testing evidence of the hypersonic Zeppelin-class bomber in the Isilstan area considering how decisive an "end stage" weapon like this ought to be.

Comment Re:edittard here - WTF is *A* software? (Score 1) 108

Perhaps a hint of the submitter's first language not being english.

Far worse is perpetrated in the language of slashdot submissions. Overuse of 'apt to', 'slated to be', 'stated that', as well as tiresome colloquialisms like 'called out', which is present in this submission and is far worse than the minor grammatical error.

I'm with you on the 'apt to thing', by the way. I actually got so tired of the argument that I blacklisted it in /etc/apt/apt.conf.

Comment Re:edittard here - WTF is *A* software? (Score 1) 108

English is not my first language either, but I don't mind when I get CALLED OUT on it (there!). My reasoning is that what does not kill one makes one stronger, like they say in my country, and that the grammar fiends might be pests but they that tend to be peaceful and pacifist pests. I tap my head to the pestifists.

Comment Re:Summary insufficient, click through the link. (Score 1) 786

Basically, take two minutes. Check your groupings. Even if you go in depth with nuance in the research, check your summary. Just do the black test. Change the 'bad' group to 'black' and see how it reads.

Or change it to 'big-endian' if you will, for the term used is merely a partial representation of the underlying order. Word size is bond.

Comment Re:Something something question in headline equals (Score 1) 568

It would be problematic if both the Software Engineer and the Structural Engineer would start calling themselves just "Engineer". But currently there just isn't any ambiguity. For diplomacy's sake, a title such as Software Developer or Software Technician may go down easier with the certified professional engineers. The two main pillars of software engineering (enterprise dev and web dev) could just go with Software Clerk.

Comment Re: Male privilege (Score 1) 345

PROTIP: It describes fucking everybody. Rare is the person who always just knows what to do in nearly every social situation. Fucking everyone feels weird and different from everyone else.

In studies that measure such social efficiency it has been noticed repeatedly that those with ASD do indeed function at statistically significant less than native speed. That's not saying that native speed social functioning isn't slow or that it doesn't feel weird for anyone else -- just that it's even more slow and even more weird in persons with ASD.

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