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Comment Re:Something something question in headline equals (Score 1) 568

It would be problematic if both the Software Engineer and the Structural Engineer would start calling themselves just "Engineer". But currently there just isn't any ambiguity. For diplomacy's sake, a title such as Software Developer or Software Technician may go down easier with the certified professional engineers. The two main pillars of software engineering (enterprise dev and web dev) could just go with Software Clerk.

Comment Re: Male privilege (Score 1) 345

PROTIP: It describes fucking everybody. Rare is the person who always just knows what to do in nearly every social situation. Fucking everyone feels weird and different from everyone else.

In studies that measure such social efficiency it has been noticed repeatedly that those with ASD do indeed function at statistically significant less than native speed. That's not saying that native speed social functioning isn't slow or that it doesn't feel weird for anyone else -- just that it's even more slow and even more weird in persons with ASD.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 345

Labelling/stereotyping is "bad" in that it is a simplification mechanism. Simplification is essential for us to deal with a complex world without becoming totally overloaded, but it also means that we have deliberately donned blinders and we often forget that just because we don't see something, that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. And can turn around suddenly and bite you.

But that is how science works. The overwhelming complexity of the world with all its parameters is broken down into small and specific models that give rise to theories which are tested by hypothesis, a process that incrementally increases the body of verified knowledge that might once predict *something* about *some* real situation.

Comment HLS (Score 4, Informative) 365

What you want to do is called high-level synthesis (going from C to hardware description language (HDL) to generating gate-lists from that HDL) and there's plenty of software to do that with. A neat open-source package for HLS is LegUp (, check it out to get an idea of what the process consists of.

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