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Comment: Economics of the Chevy Bolt (Score 4, Interesting) 229

How is the upcoming Chevy Bolt going to get 200 miles per charge with a base price of $30,000? I ask because one of the biggest costs of the car is the batteries and not even Tesla will be able to reach that price point until they have their GigaPlant up and running?

Comment: Re:Free market will sort it out (Score 1) 254

by organgtool (#49286401) Attached to: Evolution Market's Admins Are Gone, Along With $12M In Bitcoin

Fraud is by definition a departure from the market

Fraud is not a departure from the market any more than it is a feature of the market. It is simply a reality in every society, regardless of how they do business. Of course, fraud can be mitigated through proper regulation but there are a lot of people who oppose that for strictly ideological reasons.

Comment: Re:Free market will sort it out (Score 1) 254

by organgtool (#49286361) Attached to: Evolution Market's Admins Are Gone, Along With $12M In Bitcoin
The demand for hacked computers and the information gained from hacking may not be as much as the demand for drugs, but it's certainly up there and I'm sure BitCoin would make a great currency for that market.

Regardless, the original point that everyone has strayed away from is that the libertarians that championed BitCoin as a currency free of government regulation are getting a cold dose of reality. Apparently some government regulation actually serves a usual purpose.

Comment: Re:No. (Score 1) 765

by organgtool (#49200355) Attached to: Ubuntu To Officially Switch To systemd Next Monday
It's worth knowing that despite the fact that Mint is based on Ubuntu, it does not support dist-upgrade. When you want to upgrade releases, their solution is for you to back up your system with a special tool, wipe your system clean, create new boot media, install the new OS, and restore from your backup. This was enough to push me back to Xubuntu. Mint was nice, but Xubuntu is nearly as nice and much easier to upgrade. I just thought you should know before you get too heavily invested in the distro.

Comment: Fragmentation is FUD (Score 2) 136

by organgtool (#49141501) Attached to: Who's Afraid of Android Fragmentation?
While there's little doubt that fragmentation does complicate development a bit, it should never have been perceived as some insurmountable issue. In this respect, the wide variation of Android hardware can be compared to the wide variety of hardware that runs Windows. Fragmentation is much worse on PCs and yet that hasn't hindered developers from releasing countless apps and games over the past several decades.

Comment: Re:Probably just to prevent accessory competitors (Score 1) 55

by organgtool (#49079397) Attached to: Apple Patents Head-Mounted iPhone

There's that aspect, but it's also so that if Apple ever does make a product like this (they probably won't) it will be far more difficult for some other company with an overly broad patent similar to this to sue them.

So Apple filed a spaghetti-against-the-wall patent for a device they're likely not even interested in making and now anyone who would hope to make such a device has to take on the risk that Apple may sue them. How exactly is this promoting the progress of the Arts and Sciences?

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