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Comment No, it uses standard Windows kernel (Score 3, Interesting) 68

That's not true. WinPhone uses an ARM port of the same NT kernel used on desktops. It's essentially the same kernel as used on the Windows RT tablets, which had a desktop.

I know this because I managed to load an unsigned kernel driver using my CVE-2015-2552 exploit long before this release.

Comment Re: Sounds like a psycopath. (Score 1) 486

"X-files... i want to believe".

Get yourself a healthy dose of skepticism young man!

You cannot believe everything you read on the internet. Here, read this, then google the text to confirm provenance.
"Molins said in a press conference that Mostefai had an "S" file on him for years, which means investigators believe he had been "radicalized" in some way, though it was not clear whether he would act on his radicalization."

Comment Re:#prayforparis (Score 4, Informative) 728

Do you actually live there, or are you a victim of confirmation bias?

"The 2007 CIA World Factbook lists the religion of France as: Roman Catholic 83–88%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 1%, Muslim 5%–10%, unaffiliated 4%."

"The mood in Paris following the worst attack in peacetime history, is something of bewilderment, numbness but also huge outpouring of grief with locals openly weeping and making signs of the cross as they pass the many street fronts where their country men and women died."

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 176

More and more CEOs *are* the "souless corporate automaton running the business".

Those using technology to rachet-up online and television ads without considering societal costs found their comeuppance with technology (Adblock and Netflix respectively).

The same way, CEOs whose sole aim is to maximise personal and shareholder profit must reap what they sow... they will be automated and/or outsourced.

Comment Re:End the drug war (Score 2) 245

You have to be hit with the asshole stick to not serve. The jury is the very last line of defense from bad law, bad cops, bad lawyers, and bad judges.

People who think rationally, and who have a healthy distrust of the system, get kicked off the jury during voir dire. I would know =/

Comment Re:decline in leadship quality (Score 1) 289

OK, I'm coming out of cryogenic storage to tell you to shut up. You opened this subthread with *bizarrely ignorant claptrap*, and should have shut up when the first reply called you out on your lies. But now you're doubling down.

Lincoln could not be the "trigger that started the Civil War" when he was elected *after the war started*, after the majority of the Confederate states had already seceded, the last 4 were already proceeding with secession, and the Confederacy had already started shooting at the Union. Which should have been enough facts to shut you up, but I suppose you enjoy the kind of BS sometimes known as "from the South's perspective": any lie to deny the truth, however bizarrely ignorant.

Lincoln wasn't a "two-bit" lawyer prior to his political career, he was an extremely well accomplished lawyer. And he didn't have "zero experience", he had represented Illinois prominently in the US House of Representatives, and served in the Illinois House of Representatives for 8 years prior to that.

Lincoln was of course recognized as a good leader while destroying the Confederacy, being reelected to do so. That is the very definition of "recognized as good leader": reelected wartime Commander in Chief of the USA. Yes, the US press and many factions are always highly critical of any president; "universally recognized as a good leader" doesn't even belong to FDR.

Oh, how about your BS about Lincoln's "razor close" first election? Lincoln: 1,866,452; Douglas: 1,376,957; Breckinridge: 849,781; Bell: 588,789. That 489,495 margin over #2 was a *landslide* 10.4%, . What the hell are you talking about? You also said something deranged like "but if the South had been voting in the second election". What about "but if the South had freed its slaves instead of seceding"? Because they're equally nonsensical hypotheticals. And your Electoral College split 4 ways because *there were 4 candidates*, no reflection on Lincoln's leadership. But Lincoln's 180 EVs to the combined total of the other 3 at 123 EVs was an even bigger landslide than the popular vote. The words "razor close" don't describe any aspect of Lincoln's *landslide victory* over a full field, representing a new party in a large war-divided country.

And how does maintaining his commitment to Emancipation, even in face of a resigning Cabinet member (showing Lincoln's commitment to including even those who disagreed in his Cabinet, more committed than they were to staying), show anything but deeply effective leadership - as the government didn't suffer, but instead the nation was kept together even despite the war?

Your spin on all that crazy talk is that Lincoln turned out to be a leader who rose to the occasion, despite no reason to expect it. But in fact Lincoln gave all indications of being an exemplary leader from start to finish of his presidency.

Were you perhaps educated about Lincoln out of some "ex" Confederate state textbook? In any case, who taught you that when you're totally wrong you should ignore being proven wrong and double down with even more wrong?

Comment Re:About that 911 thing.... (Score 1) 284

> While you're on the phone to 911, your first aiders are sitting around blissfully unaware that someone may be dying.

I agree that the local first-aider should be called *first* but that should not preclude someone calling 911 *right after* they call the local first aider.

In this case, the local first-aider delayed 9 minutes before calling 911. Better 911 show up for a broken finger, than show up 9 minutes later than they can for a heart attack!

Comment Re: 911 Call (Score 1) 284

Why abuse the poor AC? There are known issues with Amazon EMTs (see links in article). If your "large campus" is really a University, its less profit-driven than Amazon is.

Also, there was a 9-minute delay calling 911. If someone called 911 straight after calling the local EMTs, this man would have gotten to a hospital 9 minutes sooner!

Amazon's "Don't call 911!" corporate mandate prevented this from happening.

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