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Comment dear national security personnel: (Score 5, Insightful) 259

do your fucking job. spying on suspects

not hoovering everything from everyone and thinking a search query will give you magic intelligence. intelligence work is *work*

the encryption is not important. your gumshoe work is. get out of your fucking cubicle you lardass and find these dirtbags

and if you can't do that maybe your useless security theatre job should be axed

Comment Re:Iceweasel for Windows? (Score 1) 199

Palemoon has (or had, I never used it) a Bookmark and Settings Sync service very similar to the one present in Firefox. It was a first-party tool maintained by the people who are responsible for Palemoon.

IIRC, both Chrome and Firefox for Windows are also packaged as web installers rather than .MSIs or the like. This is not unprecedented behavior.

Comment Re:For what? (Score 1) 309

Windows memory requirements haven't changed since Vista. Windows 10 actually runs surprisingly well on 1GB RAM and for most everyday purposes there's very little subjective need to have more than 4GB on any version of Windows right now.

Comment Re:On Streamability (Score 1) 74

There are games I know I'm never going to be good at. The Binding of Isaac games are an example of this for me. I suspect that a lot of people would rather watch top-level teams in LoL compete than try spend months learning the quirks of 40 or 50 different competitive characters in the current metagame.

There are games for which I won't personally tolerate the DRM or user agreement but still want to know what happens. Many PC games are Steam or Origin only at this point. In my case, Dragon Age Inquisition is a specific example.

There are games with a multiplayer component that I'd like to see, but don't care to join. When I played an MMO, I'd often be on at odd times where I couldn't do some of the big group content. At least with videos, I still got to see it.

Finally, there are games you watch 'cause you don't have the right hardware. I don't have that particular problem, but not everyone has an expensive gaming GPU or the latest console.

Comment Re: M.2 is awesome (Score 3, Informative) 36

Windows 7 support is iffy, but I've gotten it to work on X99 boards with some drives (Plextor in my case). I couldn't get either Samsung or Plextor drives to boot Windows 7 in a ThinkPad T450 though.

Yes, they're fast. They're also REALLY warm. They're downright uncomfortable to touch with a finger after they're been on for a while. Keep that in mind if you are thinking about sticking in your laptop.

Comment Re:Too costly (Score 2) 152

I have customers using them for point of sale in their restaurants. The Surfaces were cheaper than the POS terminals the vendor was pushing, the ordering system is web based and didn't require anything special and all of the printing and card swipe stuff they already owned just worked.

Original Surfaces (the RT version) also shipped with a full copy of MS Office and never had any sort of Malware issues (or games), so they are/were decent choices for actual productivity with a minimal management requirement. The philosophy behind the Surface is substantially different from the way most people see tablets. They were never meant to be media consumption devices and in fact that's something they're oddly bad at being.

Comment Re:There is a cost with all that (Score 3, Informative) 51

The first time I played an MP3, my 486 sputtered and couldn't manage an unbroken audio stream. The first time I played a DVD, I needed a dedicated daughterboard to handle decoding.

Right now, HEVC needs decent hardware and encoding takes a good long while. But it does play back fine on everything I have sitting around, going back to 3rd generation Core i CPUs, even with just Intel graphics. The i3 NUC in my living room doesn't have any problem with it at all. My STBs can't do it, but I can hand transcoding off to Plex and then they're fine as well. Given another year and everybody well catch or surpass Amazon's FireTV and have support for it as well. At that point, just like MP3s, MPEG2 and x.264, we'll be back to taking hardware support for granted.

Comment there should be many easy fail safes (Score 1) 97

input or output from any part of the system should conform to narrow parameters, or the entire communication is disregarded, and the fail safe implemented. so falling back to the fail safe should be frequent, not rare and alarming. it could be a hack, it could also just be network or equipment issues, either way

for example, the data: distance to car in front of you

the data should be of rigorously correct format, received in the correct and expected small time frame, and the source must be locked to certain trust indicators (which would be another entire laundry list of overlapping qualifications)

if there is any failure, no matter how slight, the data should be considered tainted and incorrect, and back up redundant systems (lidar, whatever) or even fail over to manual control should be implemented

Comment Re:I wish they had some reference power testing (Score 2) 119

That old i7 is in benchmark terms competitive with current i3 CPUs. I don't think of current i3s as slow and I don't think of five year old i7s as slow either. I upgraded to a 5960k last December because I actually do enough video encoding to keep it fed, but if I'm not stealing Blu-Rays there's no subjective difference from that monster to a the i7-980 it replaced.

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

because you drink and drive and don't think it's a problem

this makes you a fucking piece of shit

not a baseless insult, but objectively speaking: your irresponsibility is dangerous to the people you share the road with. by your choice. it's not your culture, asswipe, that's a lame dodge. you're just an immature irresponsible asshole who will kill someone, and seems happy about it

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

basically you're saying your culture is ignorant and stupid. when the truth is only you are ignorant and stupid

your attitude obviously sucks, and you are an accident waiting to happen. when it does happen, please do us the favor and only kill yourself

and thanks for insulting the south in an attempt to mitigate your douchebag character, you irresponsible fuck

you will of course go "he hates the south"

no, i love the south, i have old family roots there. i only hate you, shitbag, because your attitude is clearly somebody's death by automobile waiting to happen

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