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Comment: Re:precedents have been established (Score 5, Interesting) 349 349

by oracleguy01 (#39510663) Attached to: Student Expelled From Indiana High School For Tweeting Profanity

Actually this is interesting, the school has clearly established the punishment for doing this. So the easy way to protest this would be get a sizable percentage of the student body to swear on their twitter accounts. What is the school going to do? Expel 30+% of their student body? If they did, it would make national headlines and the people that run that school would become a laughing stock. It would also energize the debate enough where we could finally sort this out. And if they don't expel them, they can't expel this student.

Comment: Re:I just wish... (Score 4, Insightful) 270 270

by oracleguy01 (#39491299) Attached to: Boston Pays Out $170,000 To Man Arrested For Recording Police
That is kind of what I was thinking. The officers got off very easy, they probably should have been fired. The IAD officers should be disciplined as well for their poor handling of the case. Even if the arresting officer didn't know (which is no excuse) that what Gilk was doing was legal, IAD certainly should have.

Comment: Efforts towards the next Enterprise (Score 4, Interesting) 455 455

by oracleguy01 (#39319129) Attached to: USS Enterprise Takes Its Final Voyage

There currently are petitions to name the next unnamed planned Ford-class carrier (CVN-80) Enterprise. I personally hope CVN-80 will be named Enterprise.

See: and

Comment: Re:You get what you pay for (Score 1) 332 332

by oracleguy01 (#38916393) Attached to: Thanks to DRM, Some Ubisoft Games Won't Work Next Week

You aren't wrong and I haven't and won't buy their games that have this DRM in it. The problem is they will just blame the low sales on piracy and not on the fact that they are making a bad product people don't want. They just won't get it.

But hey maybe that means they'll get out of the PC games business which maybe wouldn't be a bad thing. They can leave it to people that understand the PC business better.

Comment: Re:I still don't want one (Score 2) 200 200

by oracleguy01 (#38778945) Attached to: Chevy Volt Passes Safety Investigation
What is going to happen to the price of electricity when suddenly everyone is charging their cars at home and demand spikes? Gas prices might not be the only thing that will go up in the future. I'm not saying gas is better than electric but all that electricity has to come from some where.

Comment: Re:Useless information - currently (Score 1) 136 136

by oracleguy01 (#38442500) Attached to: October, November the Worst Months For Writing Buggy Code

The controls on the PC in the menus were more sluggish until a few updates ago and they adjusted some of the key bindings to be more in line with typical PC games in terms of navigating the menus. I've also ran into the bug where you can't exit a conversation with someone by pressing tab and have to click on the icon of the tab key in the bottom right of the screen to exit the conversation.

This is one area where Steam is certainly nice since it automatically updates; I just happen to notice the version number keeping going up in the menu and some bugs getting fixed.

Comment: SSDs for lower power, low noise environments (Score 2) 288 288

by oracleguy01 (#37321980) Attached to: Costly SSDs Worth It, Users Say

To me the cost per GB of an SSD really makes it tough to justify in a lot of cases especially if you want to store large programs like games where you'll need at least a 100GB SSD. However one area place I have started to use low capacity (8 or 16GB) SSDs are in low noise and/or low power environments. If you team them with an ITX Atom board and the right power supply you can build a small computer with no moving parts whatsoever. And the computer will have a very low power usage for applications like HTPCs or network appliances (like firewalls) where the machine might always be powered on.

Comment: Re:How come there are enough apes to take over? (Score 1) 239 239

by oracleguy01 (#37024414) Attached to: Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The ending showed that the drug/virus spread among humans all over the world, supposedly wiping most of them out. I thought it was kind of silly that they started to play the credits and then showed a scene that hinted at that. It should have been more apart of the last act of the movie, not just an after thought.

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