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+ - Dunning-Krugger effect in action - some geek humor

Submitted by optimus_phil
optimus_phil (2554116) writes "So this might be straying from the conventional Slashdot post but I thought it was worth sharing nonetheless. An IBM employee posted this statement on Google Plus which caused quite a bit of commotion among commenters. Reading the comments, I'm sure most reader's here will appreciate the humor in this classic example of the Dunning-Kruger effect and plain old ignorance and the arrogance that comes with it."

+ - Delayed fatherhood may be linked to certain congenital and mental disorders

Submitted by optimus_phil
optimus_phil (2554116) writes "newscientist magazine reports on findings that suggest that delaying fatherhood may increase the risk of fathering children with disorders such as Apert syndrom, Autism and Schizophrenia. The article reports that "although there is a big increase in risk for many disorders, it's a big increase in a very small risk. A 40-year-old is about 50 per cent more likely to father an autistic child than a 20-year-old is, for instance, but the overall risk is only about 1 per cent to start with". In other words: time to start mating before those tadpoles turn into toads "

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