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Comment Re:MacBook Pro (Score 1) 236

I can second this. My Dell XPS 13 "Developer Edition" that came preinstalled with Ubuntu is the best Linux laptop I have ever owned. I hate the crap Broadcom WiFi card in it, but it does work fine out of the box with Ubuntu and Linux Mint. I did have to replace the preinstalled Dell version of Ubuntu as it was horribly corrupted somehow (if you ran anything other than trivial programs, they would crash). I also own a System76 Linux laptop, but I think the Dell "Developer Edition" XPS 13 model and the M3800 model are better built machines. Check or as both options do ship with Ubuntu preinstalled.

Comment Re: No Way In Hell. (Score 1) 198

When I worked at a relatively small ISP, we had a backdoor (locked down by IP) into the DSL modems we handed out, but we only ever used it to make config changes on behalf of our customers. Honestly it cut down on support time quite a bit. We were more than happy for a customer to use their own DSL modem, but those people were in the minority compared to customers who wanted us to help them change the SSID and password on their wifi. Ours had all settings exposed for the customer if they wanted to change them, although almost none ever did on their own.

Submission Has via just killed palm?

MikShapi writes: Via just released a reference design of its vision of a 600$ clamshell.

Having under its wing the technology to miniaturize a P3-class x86 CPU with 5-10 Watt power consumption and modern feature-equipped motherboards boasting GbE, SATA, DVI and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink for a very low price-point, it seems Palm's Foleo missed its market by a year or five. Not only is it vastly technologically inferior to the Via reference design at a similar price point, its application base will need to compete with Windows XP AND any x86 Linux you care to use.

Things are not looking very grim for palm.

Microsoft Slaps Its Most Valuable Professional 474

Violent Offender writes with a touching story in The Register about Microsoft's awarding of its Most Valuable Professional credential to a British hobbyist, Jamie Cansdale, then turning around and threatening him with a lawsuit for the very software that won him the award. The article links to the amazing correspondence from Microsoft on Cansdale's site.

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