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Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 324

I can say the same for Citi. You can have them call or text you when they flag something. I had this happen recently when a slew of CC numbers were stolen at a local restaurant. They let the first one go through, which is understandable because it was another area business I could have easily patronized. When a second transaction came in to the same store, they blocked it and marked the previous one as suspect. I was able to walk through some other recent transactions with the rep over the phone to make sure we removed the fraudulent ones, and she ordered a new card for me right away. It also only took one day to get to me.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 203

Blame Obama.

No, really. Blame Obama. Who signs off on the budget?

And what do we think of the unbiased reporting here on Slashdot? 21% cut since 2010? That's after a $2.5 billion boost from the previous year, probably stimulus money. The budget is still higher than in 2009, and more than just inflation adjusted.

Comment Re:Identity Theft (Score 1) 161

Yours isn't the scenario we're talking about. If your credit record were frozen, they wouldn't be able to pull a report and thus wouldn't be able to put a ding on it. If you did freeze it and they let some random person put this on it, you should be suing that credit agency for libel.

Comment Re:Wouldn't just be abused by governments (Score 1) 35

Of course they don't give a damn. If they create backdoors through law, then that will cause electronic crime to increase-- and create an opportunity to pass more laws. It's the usual cycle:

1. Government passes laws to address an issue.
2. Said laws create a new issue, or make the existing one worse.
3. Government claims it has the solution to the problems it created, and the process repeats from step 1.

Comment Re:No one is asking YOU (Score 1) 684

But nowadays, you're talking about investing a huge amount of time and energy and money [] (probably $50k or more), not to mention the resources required to get there, the litter most hikers leave on the mountain [] (including garbage, human waste, etc. which especially befouls the most popular -- and now frequently crowded -- routes), etc.

Not to mention the corpses. Slobs!

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