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Comment: Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 605

by operagost (#49539089) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs
The sales figures I saw for 2014 showed less than 15% of sales were actual truck-based (that is, body-on-frame) SUVs. The Ford F-150 is still the best selling vehicle-- a pickup, not an SUV. Misleading vividness-- when a Prius driver can't see around a Tahoe, that's all they bitch about. They'll quickly forget the guy in a Focus who cut him off.

Comment: Re:It's my choice to kill my kid! (Score 1) 603

by operagost (#49537243) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

Since you appear to love straw men and slippery slopes, I'll point out that if the government can force you to vaccinate your children due to potential future harm to others, then they can order you to do just about anything in regards to raising them:

- What hobbies they have
- What toys they play with
- Who they associate with
- What clothes they wear
- What food they eat

So, basically, what anyone who has an open case with their state's child/family services department goes through right now. Except EVERY FAMILY will be under close scrutiny. Not just gun-lovin', Bible-bangin' nut cases like you detest. And since the state has royal immunity, I guess when stuff like this happens we can all just suck it up and deal.

THAT is why I oppose the authoritarian state.

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