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Comment: Re:'it is out of stock now; try to ask next year.' (Score 2) 113

by operagost (#48605635) Attached to: The Personal Computer Revolution Behind the Iron Curtain

The experiment is still going on in North Korea and Cuba. I think what we saw in the Soviet Union is actually the middle road. North Korea shows us what can happen in the worst case scenario, which Cuba shows us the best scenario... which is still not great.

We'll know that communism has succeeded when we find a communist country that doesn't prevent its citizens from leaving.

Comment: Re:Fire all the officers? (Score 1) 514

by operagost (#48583159) Attached to: Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them
The DOJ should have filed a "cease and desist" order. Of course, we have a rank incompetent in charge of the department who only knows how to oppress the people, not protect them, so I'm not surprised the best they could do was to send a document full of lawyerese that was summarily ignored by the Baltimore police.

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