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Comment: Re:Who opposes cleaner sources of energy? (Score 1) 142

by operagost (#48435827) Attached to: Coal Plants Get New Lease On Life With Natural Gas
The efficiency measures you're talking about means dictating to citizens how much energy they're allowed to use, and how to use it. That's tyranny, and that's why environmentally-minded libertarians and conservatives want to influence change on the producers, instead of giving more of our human rights away to governments.

Comment: Oppression of young people (Score 1) 145

How do you feel about contradictory laws that, while they customarily allow suffrage and personal accountability at the age of 18, restrict the consumption of alcohol or possession of firearms or other items considered "dangerous" to those age 21 or older? What about the contradiction of prosecuting those under 18 "as adults"? Do you feel that the increasing US state regulations placed on child labor, which greatly restrict or totally exclude teenagers from the workplace, are denying young people valuable life experience?

Comment: Barbie (Score 1) 145

Referring to the Sports Illustrated controversy, you stated:

She encourages an unrealistic expectation of beauty grounded in narrow ideals-- whiteness, thinness, a lack of hair and an abundance of breast tissue-- instead of kindness, smarts, self-confidence, or athleticism.

1. Were you aware that the Barbie line includes dolls of different skin colors? How would you plausibly represent the diversity of skin color in a single example?
2. Where would you add hair to a Barbie doll?
3. How would you project kindness, smarts, and self-confidence from a doll?
4. You believe that Barbie has too much "breast tissue". Does this indicate you have a bias against women with large breasts?
5. You believe that Barbie is too thin. Do you believe this contradicts your assertion that Barbie project athleticism, which usually precludes obesity?

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