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Comment: "free market" (Score 2) 285

by operagost (#47501575) Attached to: Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be

Similar to the suckiness of the Stratosphere and Stratosphere 2 that I was subjected to before this one, the phone's shortcomings actually raise more interesting questions â€" about why the free-market system rewards companies for pulling off miracles at the hardware level, but not for fixing software bugs that should be easy to catch.

The free market is working. You paid for a cheap phone, and you got one.
If you want a good phone, don't buy a cheap one. This doesn't mean, "don't buy a low-feature phone"-- it means, don't buy a smart phone for a dumb-phone price and expect it to work well.

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You aren't accredited to be following PCI because nobody is. There is no certificate. There is no special seal of approval. You provided security information to your acquiring bank(s) and you were allowed to process credit card transactions. There's no such thing as certification or accreditation for PCI.

What you have said implies that people can just declare they are PCI DSS compliant. This is not quite the case, except perhaps for very small vendors who self-assess (I am not one of these, and therefore have no experience). A QSA must be employed for the audit, and the QSA indeed must undergo approved training and certification. They sign off on the Report of Compliance (ROC).

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by operagost (#47474691) Attached to: The Improbable Story of the 184 MPH Jet Train

The gap would have been much smaller in 1992, when the fuel in the Metro didn't contain 10% ethanol. My 2004 Olds doesn't hit its EPA rated MPG even on highway trips with little traffic and no stops now-- the engine runs perfectly but gets 1-2 MPG fewer.

I don't know whether the new EPA rating methods take this into account. Note that for the Metro, there's a link for "view original EPA MPG". it says 47, although I do believe there was a model year when it was rated for 49.

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As far as Amtrak losing money on food service, despite it becoming a right-wing meme that this true, it's dubious at best.

It's not a truthiness issue-- they really do lose money on food service. You contradicted yourself later in your own post! I understand that food service may have long been a "loss leader" in the industry, but the fact is THEY LOSE MONEY ON FOOD SERVICE.

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