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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 203

Blame Obama.

No, really. Blame Obama. Who signs off on the budget?

And what do we think of the unbiased reporting here on Slashdot? 21% cut since 2010? That's after a $2.5 billion boost from the previous year, probably stimulus money. The budget is still higher than in 2009, and more than just inflation adjusted.

Comment Re:Identity Theft (Score 1) 158

Yours isn't the scenario we're talking about. If your credit record were frozen, they wouldn't be able to pull a report and thus wouldn't be able to put a ding on it. If you did freeze it and they let some random person put this on it, you should be suing that credit agency for libel.

Comment Re:Wouldn't just be abused by governments (Score 1) 35

Of course they don't give a damn. If they create backdoors through law, then that will cause electronic crime to increase-- and create an opportunity to pass more laws. It's the usual cycle:

1. Government passes laws to address an issue.
2. Said laws create a new issue, or make the existing one worse.
3. Government claims it has the solution to the problems it created, and the process repeats from step 1.

Comment Re:No one is asking YOU (Score 1) 683

But nowadays, you're talking about investing a huge amount of time and energy and money [alanarnette.com] (probably $50k or more), not to mention the resources required to get there, the litter most hikers leave on the mountain [alanarnette.com] (including garbage, human waste, etc. which especially befouls the most popular -- and now frequently crowded -- routes), etc.

Not to mention the corpses. Slobs!

Comment Re:Analog DRM, no way (Score 2) 92

No. It was actually 60 fields per second interlaced, 30 frames per second-- and that was for the monochrome signal. Due to technological limitations, the color information was at 29.97 frames per second which means there had to be two frames dropped (off the timecode, not the content) every minute except on the tens (10, 20, 30, etc.) to keep in sync.

The 24 fps you are thinking of is for film.

Comment Re:Maybe for urban areas... (Score 1) 112

That's a flat-out ripoff. We have people in my town who claim that our private trash pickup companies are somehow a menace to our roads (we have three or four who serve the area). They'd like to get a municipal contact, and claim it won't cost any more. I current pay $87 every three months. What do you think the chances are of that one monopoly company NOT jacking up the rate by the first contract renewal?

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