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by operagost (#47728825) Attached to: How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

I couldn't do that with mine because I would have needed to build a time machine. I think the guy laying down the stone for my (future) house in 1800 would have chased me off his property with a musket.

Speaking of chases, there is one for the plumbing and another for the 1990s-tech oil-burning boiler chimney. I could have used either, but they are not in quite the right place. I settled for drilling up from the basement inside an interior wall on the first floor to run CAT 6 into an existing telephone box (the installer plugged the original hole with plaster so I elected to not risk damaging the CAT-3 as it was in a daisy-chain). I plugged a wireless-n AP (WPA2 with a strong key) into the ethernet run there, which terminates into a switch in the basement along with another run to my home office. The wireless provides service to the second floor, saving me a lot of trouble.

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You are right. But then without tax and revenue from licensing how will the government function?

No income tax there? No VAT or sales tax? No vehicle licensing fees? No drivers' license fees? No fuel taxes? These bogus "licenses" are just the way "progressive" governments enact regressive taxes to keep the rabble from starting their own businesses and possibly challenging the elite.

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Trying to make a law suit against current valid law is just idiotic. Try to change the law instead, well if you can.

This is not a rule to follow in a democratic form of government. If it were, then we'd have to have left the Jim Crow laws in place because, after all, they were "valid". Perhaps the government has no right to tell people what, or who, they are allowed to carry in their vehicles.

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If I was a paid government shill, I wouldn't be taking public transport to work everyday.

VP Biden did when he was a senator. But he's also an attention-whore who makes five times the average US household money and still doesn't have any money left at the end of the year for charity. With those budgeting skills, he probably NEEDS to take the train.

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We are becoming a country where the rich can do anything they want to everyone else.

Comcast and CenturyLink are corporations; they are not "rich" people, corporate personhood aside. More importantly, they are public utilities. Government has created corporations and offered privileges to utilities, so that's where the problem lies-- not with "rich" people.

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Talking heads discussing the weather does not constitute a "weather report" any more than a talking head discussing politics constitutes "news".

Of course, the irony is the fact that weather reports have uncertainty due to the element of randomness, so every weather report is not necessarily "fiction" but it's not "true" either.

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