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Comment: Re:The 4th of December? (Score 1) 331

by operagost (#47406967) Attached to: On 4th of July:
The Continental Congress ratified the text of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th (that's 4 July for the European xenophobes). There ate other important milestones in the American Revolution, but that was chosen as the formal DECLARATION of independence. Ratification by vote, not signing of a paper (which was completed by August 2nd, still not "long after the war started") determined the event. And if you're going to decide when we became de facto independent, and declaration of such and taking up arms isn't enough, then I'd say it was once Franklin persuaded the French to recognize the USA as a nation.

Comment: Re:If they approve allowing calls on planes... (Score 1) 128

by operagost (#47375873) Attached to: FAA's Ruling On Smartphones During Takeoff Has Had Little Impact
Besides your scenario being foolish-- there is a significant customer base like you who the airlines would like to serve-- it's not government's place to keep you from being annoyed. Banning phone calls in-flight because it annoys people is worse than the chewing gum ban in Singapore. At least that was done because of the vandalism to the infrastructure.

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