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Comment: Re:Git Is Not The Be All End All (Score 1) 245

by oojah (#48195163) Attached to: Help ESR Stamp Out CVS and SVN In Our Lifetime
On the "single source of truth" point, I don't think this is incompatible with distributed version control. Just make it your policy that a given repository is the canonical source.

If their existing SCM application is working for them, and they're happy with it, then it's perfectly fine.


Comment: Re:Beware journald... (Score 1) 379

by oojah (#46208475) Attached to: Debian Technical Committee Votes For Systemd Over Upstart

Are you using some magic shell which understands the syntax of every executable command line in the system? I want me one of those.

No magic shell, just bash. I knows what you tell it. Lots of distros take care to provide this sort of support, I couldn't comment on arch. Perhaps you're missing some bash-completion package? See e.g.

Comment: Stimulated emission and depletion (Score 4, Interesting) 182

by oojah (#44070159) Attached to: New Technique For Optical Storage Claims 1 Petabyte On a Single DVD

The "one beam going through a doughnut beam" technique is well known through STED microscopy:

STED is a superresolution technique for imaging when using fluorophores.

This is a very nice idea using the technique in a different way for a different application.

Comment: Re:Address scarcity predictions (Score 1) 460

by oojah (#30640906) Attached to: At Current Rates, Only a Few More Years' Worth of IPv4 Addresses

Yes agreed, although it's a bit of a different situation of course given that we know exactly the limit on IPv4 addresses.

Based on a very quick hand drawn trend line fit to the last years predictions, they seem to be reducing at such a rate that they'll be predicting zero days until IANA exhaustion at around the middle of 2014.



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