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Submission + - FreeBSD 8.1 Released, Maybe->

ooglek writes: "I was downloading FreeBSD 8.1-RC2, scheduled for release sometime in July. It seems it was released while I was downloading it! FreeBSD-8.1-RC2-i386-dvd1.iso.gz is now gone, replaced with FreeBSD-8.1-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso.gz. The links about 8.1-RC2 no longer work. No official announcement seems to be available yet."
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Submission + - Gmail Inbox won't load using Google Chrome

ooglek writes: "In a strange twist of irony, Google has admitted that Google Chrome may not work with Gmail and suggests using Mozilla Firefox instead. "If you encounter a blank white page when trying to access Gmail in Google Chrome, and also when accessing iGoogle or other Google sites, you're likely encountering a known issue with Google Chrome. While our engineers are investigating this issue, you can access Gmail with another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox." Text is under the "Logging In" section, 2nd item in."

Submission + - Firefox 3.0 RC3 Released

ooglek writes: "Firefox just told me to update immediately to Firefox 3.0 RC3. Of course, I still can't find a changelog, beyond an unofficial trunk changelog, but even that doesn't break it down by release candidates or betas. Not to mention that when using a Master Password, you are prompted to enter the Master Password for every tab that uses a stored password."

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