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Comment: Re:In the olden days... (Score 2) 148

by oodaloop (#47566443) Attached to: An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax
I think the best part of this whole debacle is everyone has apparently believed this blogger about her first hand account of her memory of an event from several yeas ago when she was admittedly stoned without batting an eye. The problem isn't Wikipedia. The problem is terrible critical thinking skills. The fact that the edited article is about a literal minded person just makes the irony even more delicious.

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by oodaloop (#47504139) Attached to: NASA Names Building For Neil Armstrong

What a joke this nation has become

Indeed. Students aren't even taught basic critical thinking skills to be able to identify crackpot conspiracy theories. I hope you're joking. But in case you're not, please explain why the Soviet Union (and over 30 other countires) congratulated us after tracking us to the moon and back. Were they participating in a conspiracy to make themselves look bad?

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