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Comment: Re: I do not know how you can laugh ... (Score 1) 207

Not satire. US person number will look like 703-XXX-XXXX or something like that. Lets you know the number is known and is associated with a US person. You can also label a number as US and it will then be masked. There are other safeguards as well.

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Icreach user here. Records are not dossiers, but call metadata, as in this number called that other number. Or did you think there were 850 billion people alive? Also, congress mandated NSA share data after 9/11, and icreach was created to do that.

Comment: Re:But snooped on with what? (Score 1) 96

by oodaloop (#47712611) Attached to: Your Phone Can Be Snooped On Using Its Gyroscope
The gyroscopes and accelerometers are two different things. The gryoscope measures tilt of the device, like when you play a racing game. The accelerometer measures change in velocity, like when you shake the phone to shuffle a playlist. Two different sensors.

And no, the gyroscope in your phone does not spin; it is solid state.

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I suppose that's why they say this then:

...Saleh and co do not claim that this kind of algorithm can take the place of an art historian. After all, the discovery of a link between paintings in this way is just the starting point for further research about an artist’s life and work.

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