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Comment: Re:How ghey (Score 1) 43

by oodaloop (#48666265) Attached to: NuSTAR Takes Beautiful X-ray Image of Sol
The point is that the sun and moon, especially the moon, are both their names and the generic name for its type (gp didn't say planet, btw). It's like Big Bird. It's fine as a name, when there's only one of him. When you go to his home town, and everyone is a big bird, you may want to find a better name. Yes, context will help. But if you're talking to a martian explorer, and he talks about sending something "to the moon", his context and your context are two different things and there is bound to be confusion.

Comment: Re:airgap (Score 4, Insightful) 39

by oodaloop (#48652761) Attached to: South Korean Power Plants To Conduct Cyber-Attack Drills Following Hack
That didn't stop stuxnet. If you mandate an airgap, then employees will airgap their files, and music, and cat videos, and everything else they were using the internet for, and USB drives become the vector. Ban USB drives, and there is no airgap and no work. Data needs to go in and out of the network, one way or another. Airgap is no replacement for proper security measures and training.

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