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Comment: What's wrong with hubs? (Score 1) 105

One is fine for a laptop, where I try to keep as few things connected at once as possible (less of a chance of dropping the laptop and destroying the thing plugged into it, like I did with my USB thumb drive). In that rare 1% of cases where I need more than one plug, USB hubs are cheap and easy to come by.

I'm especially interested in playing with one of the new USB-C plugs.

Comment: Re:Not impressed - make food with water, CO2 & (Score 2) 430

Try putting a battery in a diesel engine and see how well it runs. There's surely a future in electric cars, but that doesn't help the current fleet of diesel and gasoline vehicles. There needs to be more than solution to solve our myriad of energy problems.

Comment: How much energy does it take to produce? (Score 1) 430

TFA's infographic shows the plant being powered by "ecological power generation," but this thing requires, say, a 40 acre wind farm to produce 200 liters a day then there wouldn't be much benefit. The figure to beat is whether it costs less energy to generate this synthetic diesel as it would cost to charge a battery-powered (e.g. Tesla) car.

Comment: Luck of the draw (Score 5, Insightful) 150

by barlevg (#49559747) Attached to: Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet
My 2012 N7 is still going strong (if a bit sluggish under Cyanogenmod 11). And I've heard from a few iPad owners who've had their devices die within months. Consumer electronics is a crapshoot--sometimes your device is essentially immortal (got a 2005 Dell Inspiron that's still doing great), sometimes it dies well before its time. I'd love to see aggregated statistics for median longevity for various tablets from various manufacturers. Would guess that the N7 wouldn't top the list, but would also guess it wouldn't be on the bottom either.

Comment: RIP (Score 2) 150

by barlevg (#49559595) Attached to: Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet

I own a first gen Nexus 7. IMO, it's the ideal size for a personal video-watching device--not large enough to be cumbersome but with a big enough screen to make TV show watching thoroughly enjoyable. It's also ideal for reading articles and great at viewing "full web" (non-mobile) pages. The price (under $200) was the main selling point to me, and I really did feel like it was amazing bang for the buck (especially compared to my wife's similarly-priced Kindle Fire).

Lollipop rendered my N7 basically unusable (would randomly shut itself off--mine, luckily, wasn't one of those whose device got caught in the infinite reboot cycle), but Thank God there's Cyanogenmod, where my N7 is a big sluggish but still perfectly functional. The sluggishness would probably have been enough to make me consider buying a replacement, and I'm sad that there isn't one (I will never buy another Samsung mobile device, and I hate the Kindle Fire series).

Ah, well. I'm used to being part of an unpopular and unprofitable niche market--I'm still waiting for someone (anyone) to release a new full QWERTY keyboard phone.

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