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Comment Re:Thank you. (Score 1) 112

Bear in mind that one generally isn't supposed to publically inherit from STL classes such as vector, since they don't have virtual destructors. Generally speaking, with C++, it's better to use composition to reuse functionality (e.g. making an STL vector a data member of a class) and to use inheritance to implement run-time polymorphism.

Comment Re:Flash must be evil because HTML5 is so good? (Score 1) 102

Bear in mind that there already have already been several open-source attempts at rewriting the Flash Player -- namely Gnash, Lightspark, and Mozilla's Shumway -- and all of them are still relatively immature. In short, the plan of attack that you suggest has already been tried.

Comment How do they fare in colder climates? (Score 4, Interesting) 904

How reliable are they in winter driving conditions? How is the battery efficiency affected by temperature? What about cabin heating? I'm having a hard time seeing any of the current crop being adopted for year-round use in areas that get more than a smattering of snow, or a few days below freezing per year.

Submission + - How to win the copyleft fight—without litigation (

An anonymous reader writes: The Software Freedom Conservancy's Bradley Kuhn is probably best known for his work in enforcing the GNU General Public License (GPL). Enforcement-by-litigation might get the headlines, but Kuhn treats the courts as a last resort.

A regular OSCON speaker, he returns this year to share the story of a project that avoided the courtroom. spoke to Kuhn about his talk and the free software landscape at large.

Submission + - Einstein and Schrödinger didn't believe in quantum indeterminism

StartsWithABang writes: When it comes to the very nature of quantum mechanics — about the inherent uncertainty and indeterminism to reality — it’s one of the most difficult things to accept. Perhaps, you imagine, there’s some underlying cause, some hidden reality beneath what’s visible that actually is deterministic. After all, a cat can’t simultaneously be dead and alive until someone looks can it? That’s one of the problems that both Einstein and Schrödinger wrestled with during their lives. An investigation of that story, their work on that front, and their friendship that ensued as both pursued that same end is thoroughly investigated here by physicist Paul Halpern.

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