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Comment: Re:STEM is the new liberal arts degree (Score 1) 174

by gaudior (#47522777) Attached to: For Half, Degrees In Computing, Math, Or Stats Lead To Other Jobs

Liberal Arts education long ago stopped being about becoming a well-rounded, intelligent individual and became an indoctrination in fitting in to the social machine. STEM degrees are going the same way, churning out cogs for the machine, willing to take whatever they can get to pay off the indentured bond.

Comment: Re:Blame the tool... (Score 2) 422

by J. J. Ramsey (#47104139) Attached to: Why You Shouldn't Use Spreadsheets For Important Work

there are no bad languages, just bad programmers.

There are, however, languages that make it far easier to write code that is less readable and harder to maintain. As a specific example, compare Fortran 77 with Fortran 90. I can write the latter without any need for numerical statement labels. I can write a straightforward "DO WHILE" loop in Fortran 90, while in Fortran 77, I'd have to use the dreaded GOTO to get the same effect. Aside from basic stuff like that, I can write formulas in Fortran 90 with whole arrays, which can really help readability. In short, it is far easier to write clear code in Fortran 90 than in Fortran 77.

Do they seriously think that if those models were written in C, Java or Perl they would have been magnitudes better?

Heck, yes! For one thing, in any of those languages, separation of code and data -- something which spreadsheets actively discourage -- would be much easier.

Comment: Re:Don't. (Score 1) 408

by gaudior (#47050465) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Anti-Theft Products For the Over-Equipped Household?

Pretty much any German music will do the job, Polka, Techno, Glockenspiel Rap...all effective 'person with a sense of hearing' deterrents.

Except for repelling Germans obviously but then Germans aren't really a demographic known for committing burglaries.

Burglaries, no? Invasions, on the other hand....

Comment: Re:Because C and C++ multidimensional arrays suck (Score 1) 634

by J. J. Ramsey (#46968817) Attached to: Why Scientists Are Still Using FORTRAN in 2014

FORTRAN was *NOT* designed to support multidimensional arrays from the beginning. That only came in Fortran 90.

Not true. Multidimensional array were around at least as far back as Fortran 77. Now what is new in Fortran 90 are the ways to manipulate those arrays. In Fortran 77, one could do arithmetic on elements of arrays but not on arrays as a whole, so, for example, adding two arrays in Fortran 77 required DO loops. In Fortran 90, though, one can add arrays A and B with the expression "A + B".


The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money 693

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An anonymous reader writes "The GNOME Foundation is running out of money. The foundation no longer has any cash reserves so they have voted to freeze non-essential funding for running the foundation. They are also hunting down sponsors and unpaid invoices to regain some delayed revenue. Those wishing to support the GNOME Foundation can become a friend of GNOME."

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