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Comment Re: Obvious (Score 2) 132

That's because BO had the luxury of being able to hover as desired, pick the landing spot and descend. The first landing had it skating all over the place.

The Falcon 9's single merlin engine produces too much thrust to hover, so it has to burn to hit 0m/s at 0ft. This is due to it needing the engines to lift an actual payload into orbit, as opposed to simply going up and down.

BO also had the luxury of choosing their launch time and location without commercial constraints. The F9 launch had a 30 second window, so to delay because of the fog (which Musk alluded to causing the ice buildup) wasn't an option.

Comment Re: Old Habits Die Hard (Score 1) 442

I never used to use any advert blockers, but some of the news websites are so stuffed with adverts that it was grinding my i7 with 16GB of RAM to a halt ( in looking at you). Looking at the Chrome's developer console shows that it was making requests to a 404'd resource in a tight loop.

I don't block adverts because I don't want to see them, I block them because they've made websites literally unusable. I started off with a tamper monkey script, but gave up when I was doing it more and more.

Comment Re:Lateral aerodynamics (Score 1) 236

Smaller cars have got heavier because they've gotten a bigger, but they've become less dense. It's happened to every small car out there, Fiesta, KA, Golf, Polo, Ibiza. Models get bigger, and they keep on coming up with a new small model to fill the gap. One explanation is that people tend to stick with what they know, but as they get older, they want and can afford a bigger car.

For example:
Golf mk2 : 3,985 mm x 1,665 mm - 910kg
Golf mk7: 4,255 mm x 1799mm - 1250kg

I can't think of any large cars that have gotten smaller. The current Range Rover is a monster (the Range Rover Sport is more similar to the original). A current 3-series is bigger than a 7-series from the 80s. Have you seen an 1993 E-class, beside a current one? In my opinion, car (or at least model) sizes are going one direction - up.

Comment Re:The takeaway is that Tesla is right (Score 1) 482

If you want to know how dumb manufacturers are...

In the UK, Mitsubishi wanted to say that they've sold 10,000 Outlander PHEVs, but they'd only sold 9,000. The solution was to pre-register 1,000 and then stick them in a field and sell them insanely cheaply. This means that Mitsubishi dealers are not allowed to advertise a used Outlander PHEV (if they do, they will get a call telling them to take the advert down).

The end result is that if somebody tries part exchanging their Outlander, they'll be given a shit price as nobody wants the things because they're nigh on impossible to sell, so they'll tell people "they're a great car*, but they lose their value insanely quickly".

* I know several people with Outlander PHEVs, and they all love them.

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