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Comment Re:Cry Me A Fucking River (Score 1) 383

Sigh. Like I said "it's making it harder than it could be", ie. Monitoring these accounts may have made everything easier, so if they lose that avenue their job goes back to what it was like in the past.

I don't disagree that a huge amount of this is security theatre - I find the UK's new security bill obscene, and increasing the size of the haystack when trying to find a needle is stupid. But if you've found an individual of interest, you'd be fool to ignore every avenue of investigation.

The fact that the police managed to track so many people down so quickly implies that the Paris terrorists were lax with the comms, so once the police identified them, it was easy to track others down. Or, the police knew about them, but whilst waiting to see who else they were lead to, the attacks to place.

Neither explanation is good for the authorities. The former shows that wholescale monitoring doesn't work. The latter shows that they monumentally fucked up.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 2) 383

It's not that they "can't do their job", it's that it's making it harder than it could be. I'm completely against mass monitoring of populations, but if the security services have gone to a judge to get a warrant to monitor an individual then I have to accept that they've jumped through the legal hoops, so they should be allowed to get on with their job.

By Anonymous outing people (that can't go wrong can it), and shutting down accounts, then the security services access (legal or otherwise) to social media databases is completely useless.

Comment Re: Another example (Score 1) 728

Which is exactly the purpose of these attacks. The response will be to increase the military intervention in Syria as well as putting pressure on local Muslim communities by the security services.

The worrying thing is that it's an effective strategy. Make Western residents think Muslims are out to get them, and vice versa. These people want a war between Muslims and the rest of the world.

Comment Re: Bullshit (Score 1, Interesting) 350

You're probably right in this case, if Google cars are clearly sign written as being a driverless car.

However, I have no problem with the police stopping a slow driver. It's often an indicator of drink driving, or could be an indicator that the driver's sight is impaired.

I followed somebody home last night - at 11 - and they were doing 30-35 in a 50mph. I contemplated overtaking and then decided against it - mainly because I didn't trust them not to do something stupid. I then watched the car swerve as it came up to a roundabout - almost like the drive didn't see the well lit, well signed junction.

Comment Re:Missing Option: Everglades. (Score 1) 69

Our office did hovercrafting for our Christmas outing/dinner - these kind of single seater hovercrafts. They were far more physically demanding than any of us imagined. Like you say, when you turned them, the just kept going the same direction, but at right angles to the direction of travel. The trick was to lean into the turn and use the friction of the skirt to change the direction of travel. You basically knelt in the them and used your weight to steer.

Comment Re:Scary stuff and nobody cares (Score 5, Insightful) 187

I have a colleague who is perfectly happy to throw away his rights - "I don't care what they do if it's anti-terror related" and "we need to get rid of all this human rights bullshit", which was in response to my mention of civil rights, namely being detained without charge and warrant-less access of private data.

The problem is that civil/human rights don't feature very high up on people's priorities because they don't need the obvious ones on a daily basis, and they don't realise how much of our daily lives is made possible because of those rights. More succinctly - people don't care about their rights until they need them.

In a way, it's very similar to how all these people are leaving their countries to join ISIL - they're blind to the freedoms they've been afforded and go off to fight the kind of regimes their parents fought to escape from.

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