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Comment Re:Seriously! (Score 5, Interesting) 147 147

This was my immediate thought too. Dave on eevblog did two videos on seeing if there was a power line vulnerability on a cheap digital safe - they're pretty interesting, plus he's quite amusing to watch.

EEVblog #762 - How Secure Are Electronic Safe Locks?
EEVblog #771 - Electronic Safe Lock Powerline Attack Part 2

Comment Re: ..all versions of Android after and including (Score 4, Interesting) 120 120

Coming from an android user, the gp is absolutely correct. Allowing carriers to decide whether updates are pushed out simply means that they never do so. It's the top item on the [fairly short] list of things that I wish would be copied from Apple.

Comment Re:Sounds impressive, but is it? (Score 1) 83 83

That can't be right - if 105 million USD is 2 weeks net income, then that would suggest that their yearly net income is 2.7 billion USD. Yet their operating profit was 4.1 billion USD - that would suggest that their cost of goods and operating expenses are negative.

Comment Re:Legislate 50% less consumption? Good fucking lu (Score 1) 484 484

I thought that one mitigating factor *might* be that America probably has more people living in desert climates than Europe, but looking at List of countries by energy consumption per capita it appears that Northern European countries use more energy than the Mediterranean countries. I guess heating outweighs aircon costs.

However you look at it, the US use more energy than any European country (except Luxembourg - I have no idea what the hell they're doing).

Comment Re: Not downsizing nuclear (Score 1) 484 484

That's true, but Germany is a net exporter (to the tune of 38.4TWh) - they only countries they import electricity from is France, Sweden and the Czech Republic (some years Denmark). In 2014 it exported about the same as France, but imported almost twice as much as France.

One thing I don't like about that chart is that it doesn't tell you who is a net importer or exporter - the outer ring only shows the total exports (not net).

Comment Re: Uhmmmm (Score 2) 618 618

I have a problem with that attitude - I see it all the time in work - the bordering on pride that people have when they can't use a device (especially a computer).

All he had to do is say let's use both and 1-see the difference in readings and 2-show me how it works.

Comment Re: Transparency (Score 1) 220 220

FTFS: ". The failure occurred at 2,000 pounds of force, and the struts were rated at 10,000 pounds of force". We don't know what the maximum force expected is.

As for more struts, when you look at the Soyuz interstage lattice, I wonder what would happen if just one those failed...

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