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Submission + - Finally, an energy drink for the rest of us: Sudo Drink->

rjamestaylor writes: The Cloud is powered by open source and energy drinks—isn't it about time that these come together? Some on Github think so and have started "sudo drink": "the basic concept is an open source energy drink. 25% (or some number) of the profit is donated to FOSS projects."
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Comment email from ec2... (Score 1, Funny) 94 94

"we will be re-booting the cloud today,,,in order to protect your 3,2 petabytes of data, you should download it to local storage in case of a fail event. thanks for using cloud storage on computing. have a great day."

That this inane post is moderated as "3, Insightful" is why I do not visit /. anymore.

Comment Re:It's the bank's car (Score 1) 907 907

And it's also funny to see left wing apologists shit on the people who've had their shit together their whole lives and don't impose on others.
A person who spends ~$5000/year on car payments and then claims to be broke is either disingenuous or simply stupid. There are plenty of people of similar means struggling by with a $1500 beater car, doing their own maintenance, and providing for their families without taking on excessive debt. Stories like this one spit in those people's face.

Submission + - 50 years from now, science to achieve God-like abilities->

nathan_w_cheng writes: 50 years ago, Isaac Asimov described in the New York Times what the World’s Fair of 2014 might be like. Whereas Asimov’s predictions were to some “shockingly conservative,” it is impossible to have such conservative thoughts about the world 50 years from now. With 2014 as our starting point, in technological terms, 50 years is an incredibly long time. How far will we get if every decade for the next five sees the same level of scientific advancement as this past decade? Below, I reference over 100 articles to help us answer this question.
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CBS 60 Minutes: NSA Speaks Out On Snowden, Spying 504 504

An anonymous reader writes "This week CBS New's 60 Minutes program had a broadcast segment devoted to the NSA, and additional online features. It revealed that the first secret Snowden stole was the test and answers for a technical examination to get a job at NSA. When working at home, Snowden covered his head and screen with a hood so that his girlfriend couldn't see what he was doing. NSA considered the possibility that Snowden left malicious software behind and removed every computer and cable that Snowden had access to from its classified network, costing tens of millions of dollars. Snowden took approximately 1.7 million classified documents. Snowden never approached any of multiple Inspectors General, supervisors, or Congressional oversight committee members about his concerns. Snowden's activity caught the notice of other System Administrators. There were also other interesting details, such as the NSA has a highly competitive intern program for High School students that are given a Top Secret clearance and a chance to break codes that have resisted the efforts of NSA's analysts — some succeed. The NSA is only targeting the communications, as opposed to metadata, of less than 60 Americans. Targeting the actual communications of Americans, rather than metadata, requires a probable cause finding and a specific court order. NSA analysts working with metadata don't have access to the name, and can't listen to the call. The NSA's work is driven by requests for information by other parts of the government, and there are about 31,000 requests. Snowden apparently managed to steal a copy of that document, the 'crown jewels' of the intelligence world. With that information, foreign nations would know what the US does and doesn't know, and how to exploit it."

Comment Re: We vote on leaders not lightbulbs (Score 1) 1146 1146

Many incandescent lightbulbs aren't used for hours a day, which is what the break even price calculations are based on. My bedroom lights maybe get 45 minutes a day, and my guest bedroom perhaps 45 minutes a week. In my garage, it's 45 minutes a month. CFLs will never break even there.

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