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Comment Re:I am shocked! (Score 1) 670

It has nothing to do with "poor people should just die if they get sick" and everything to do with taking care of and being responsible for yourself. As per wikipedia(1), Defense is 12% of the 2007 budget, too much? Absolutely, But Medicare / Medicaid is 15%, and Social Security is 7%. So while yes, it's appealing that everybody gets free health care, that's not a "right" enumerated anywhere in the constitution. Nor will it be popular because the federal budget will skyrocket and everybody's taxes will go up, meaning they will be less able to support themselves on the same salary. I see celebraties going on about how they would happily pay more taxes to do this. Congratulations, go do it. You can do this on your own, you are free and able to setup a nonprofit specifically to provide healthcare for the needy.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_United_States_federal_budget#Total_spending

Comment Re:*First post.. (Score 1) 590

Have you consulted a lawyer about this?

I have, and universally I've been told if the teacher develops it for use in their classroom, it's the same as if I wrote a program for use by my employer. It's work for hire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Work_for_hire) and the employer owns the copyright.

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