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Comment Re:Mirrors (Score 1) 125

Aluminized mylar has 95% IR reflectivity and 90% visible reflectivity. At .001" thickness I don't think you can call it "heavy". It might not make the drone "laser proof" but it sure can't hurt. Have the drone wobble or spin when it gets lased, and you are going to have a bitch of a time keeping the laser on one spot long enough to burn through.
signed A. Knucklehead

Comment Texting while walking (Score 1) 137

I am amazed at how many people walk around head down and texting without a clue of their surroundings.
  1. Girl standing on a busy downtown street corner, looking down at her phone, completely oblivious. A huge flat bed truck hauling an excavator is creeping around the apex of the corner and the side of the truck frame is getting closer and closer to her as the truck cuts off the corner. I finally realize she doesn't see the truck, now only inches away and grab her shoulder and pull her back a step. She is about to yell at me when she sees the truck, the back wheels of which are now rolling over the curb where her feet were 3 seconds earlier, and realizes how narrowly she just escaped.
2. Standing waiting for a light, a different girl, head down, texting, walks into me from behind. The top of her head actually hits me in the small of my back. I turn around and she looks up, looks up some more (I'm about 6'3", she's a tiny asian girl maybe 5'4" tops), finally says "You should watch where your'e going" WTF?

Comment Sign of the times (Score 1) 373

In 1960 the average American male was 165 lbs and the average female was 140 lbs. Today those weights are 195 for men and 165 for women. At the same time airlines are continuously trying to add more seats. At some point it will pay off for the airline to use the actual weights of passengers instead of some assumed average to do their weight and balance calculations.

Comment Just Like Walmart (Score 4, Insightful) 480

Same thing happened at walmart when they bumped their lowest paid workers up to the minimum wage.
Senior workers got no raise and feel disrespected.

Comment Re:Is there even a reason to patch airgapped machi (Score 1) 78

Maybe it was a typo. - "users" who _ARE_ fully trusted to the same level as the CEO (e.g., line employees, general public customers, etc.). Because around here we assume the CEO is no more computer aware than the guy guarding the loading dock.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 904

This has been somewhat well known for a long time. 25 years ago I had family members, and my bank financial guy tell me "The single worst thing a "young person" can buy is a new car". It is a rapidly depreciating asset, usually financed at high rates, and sucks up any savings for 4 or 5 years. Much better to save that money for a down payment on a home.

Comment IT Degree Better than Most (Score 1) 67

We love to mock people who spend 4 years and rack up $120k in student loans to get a degree in Art History and end up flipping burgers for a living. We should have a certain amount of sympathy for people who (quite sensibly) get degrees in fields that at the time had good employment prospects, and then got blindsided by boom-and-bust industry cycles.

Comment Re:New rule (Score 1) 113

This is why i hate playing certain games with Normals. They make up their own rules, assume that everybody plays that way and don't tell you about the made up rules till half way through the game. Typically these rules are supposed to make the game more "fun" (i.e. easy for people who don't really understand the game). I challenged somebodies word "lazer? I think you mean laser" and they didn't know what a challenge was, were surprised when their strange spelling wasn't in the dictionary, and didn't want to pick up their tiles or lose their next turn. Ok fine play how you, but don't call it scrabble. The other one that annoys no end is Monopoly when they put money on free parking. Not in the rules, and it makes the game last twice as long.

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