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Comment NK or inside job? (Score 1) 51

Could the North Koreans have done it? Sure. Could it have been an inside job? Absolutely. My opinion is - inside job. Since there is apparently no evidence one way or another, my opinion (inside job) is no less (and no more) valid than somebody else's opinion that North Korea did it.

Comment Re:Please name a single employer that acknowledges (Score 1) 93

Where do you you people work? Let me know, so I never work there. I work for a mid sized (3000 people) employee owned Engineering consulting company. We hire smart people who work hard. We design and build cool stuff (we think it's cool) and get paid well for doing it. Managers, (we don't have very many) try to treat people with respect, dignity, and tolerance, and expect the same. We still criticize and correct peoples work, we just do it without being an asshole about it. Nobody yells, nobody fights, nobody calls people names. Is there conflict and competition? Of course. But we also have team work, respect, and mutual support.

Comment Re:Maybe it's just who we are... (Score 1) 696

Most of your examples would seem to apply to both men and women.
With some minor edits:
Or maybe coding is something that when men try to get involved they discover they are unwelcome.
There's the one guy who's just a dick. (to men and women)
There's one who hasn't washed since 2004. (smells bad to men and women)
There's one who has to one-up everything he says. (annoying to both men and women)
There's several who have to hit on her because she's the only woman they get to talk to. (Ok that one is almost 100% women only)

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